The Left Burns Its Own Nests, Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds

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Dying Democratic Cities.

Want to move to one of America’s big urban cities? Ever imagine having a penthouse apartment close to or even in downtown so that you could walk to the theater? Well, the options are endless, and the cost is plummeting. It’s a buyer’s market! Just take a look:

None of these trends are new. American cities have been generally suffering since the end of World War II, though for the past few decades they have seen a partial renewal that did not bring them back to the halcyon days of the past but at least made them look vibrant and alive.

The last few months however have seen a perfect storm of circumstances that have led to a major crash, destroying all the gains made in the recent past.

First there was the decision by the local governors and mayors of these cities, all of whom are Democrats, to shut the cities down in their panicked response to COVID-19. Suddenly all businesses were closed, and even when the lockdowns were eased by these Democrats, they were eased in a very limited manner. Restaurants no longer could make money with the mandated limited capacity. All entertainment venues — theaters, sports events, movies, concerts, museums — were outlawed.

Tucker: Has life improved in Democrat-run cities?

● Pittsburgh Dem Mayor: No, you can’t protest outside my house.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended the Chicago Police Department’s ban on protesters being able to demonstrate on the block where she lives, telling reporters Thursday that she and her family at times require heightened security because of threats she receives daily.

Lightfoot refused to elaborate on the specific threats, but said she receives them daily against herself, her wife and her home. Comparisons to how the Police Department has protected previous mayors’ homes, such as Rahm Emanuel’s Ravenswood residence, are unfair because “this is a different time like no other,” Lightfoot told reporters.

What makes this time like no other is that you’ve refused to protect other people’s homes from the rioters.

● Black “Quiet Lives” Matter: No Protesting Allowed In Chicago Mayor’s Neighborhood.

And of course, they’re far from alone among elite leftists: Riots for thee, but not for me. “A funny thing happened on the way to the riots. Left-wing revolutionaries discovered ‘NIMBY!’ — Not In My Backyard.”


BIDEN SUPPORTERS … Portland protesters mob ICE building for second consecutive night, face off with law enforcement



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