The Left Eating Its Own: Angry DREAMERs Raid Sen. Schumer Home: ‘We won’t let him sleep!’ (VIDEO)

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by Chris Black

Following the Democrats’ failure to keep the government shut over DACA, and months after a crowd of DACA aficionados crashed Nancy Pelosi’s news conference, the same crowd of cheerful (and presumably illegal aliens) folks bit the hand that feeds them (literally) and raided Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’ house in New York city last night, protesting what they regard as a betrayal or a lack of moral strength on Schumer’s behalf.
Here’s a bunch of videos with the protest depicting a relatively small number of fine, young and allegedly employed/not living on welfare DACA/DREAMERS chanting and drumming on 5 gallon buckets, as they mob gathered around Senator’s house. Here are some of their chants:
“If Chuck won’t let us dream, we won’t let him sleep!”
That’s a common misconception. Schumer doesn’t sleep, he just hangs upside down from dawn to dusk.
“Say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here!”
We need action not in three weeks,”

This went on all night. Ain’t karma just a bitch? Hey Chuck, stop crying and call ICE (866) 347-2423. You will be glad you did and so will we!  On a more serious note, what makes these illegal aliens believe they have any rights? They have a right to be deported and/or jailed. Too bad the government is too spineless to do it.
Now, to me this protest embodies everything that is wrong, immoral and unethical with illegal immigration, open borders and giving amnesty to the DREAMERs. You have people who are now living in the greatest country in the world. Look at the bunch of ingrates that they are. Where is the gratitude? Where is the humility? Where is the “please, we’d love to stay, we want to contribute”? Instead, like a bunch of entitled, overindulged brats, they stand there and act like it’s their God given right to be an American, to get food stamps, free healthcare, the right to vote etc.
That to me is point number 1. Point number 2 goes to the crux of the matter: look now how they’re holding the Democratic party hostage. The illegals are basically dictating openly and on the streets to DEMs most powerful leaders: when we say jump, you say how high? You’re not giving us amnesty right away amigo, you don’t sleep. To Chuck Schumer and every other “liberal”/progressive/including pro amnesty RINOs, the situation is very simple now: take them in. Why don’t you get up out of bed, put some clothes on, go downstairs, open the door, (don’t hide behind that “wall” Chuck!), and say: come in! Because a country is in essence a big family, a home, an extended family. And if the DEMs say that anybody can be brought in and then be given amnesty, no matter what, these illegal aliens are  essentially squatters. So, why doesn’t Chuck Schumer (if he really believes in his open borders ideology) say: you know what? Come in to my house. You want amnesty? Come on in! Let me open my door, as I want America to open its door. Sleep under my roof (section 8 housing)! Go raid my fridge guys, eat, enjoy yourselves (food-stamps). Stay here as long as you want. That’s what Democrats are asking America to do and to pay for. So Chuck, remember the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Show us the way.

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2 thoughts on “The Left Eating Its Own: Angry DREAMERs Raid Sen. Schumer Home: ‘We won’t let him sleep!’ (VIDEO)

  1. Illegal aliens are one of the main weapons of the Global Elites to eradicate the American Working class and turn em into da workin poe!

  2. The “dreamers” have become a Nightmare.
    Since 1965 when Senator Kennedy started this illegal alien mess. The population of the USA has increased by about 76 million ILLEGAL and legal ALIENS. Not one single American was added to our Country’s population. The Democraps are importing people poor and unskilled enough to vote for them.

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