The Left Is Eating Itself at Evergreen State College

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by Tesseract
If you are paying attention to college campus culture these days, you have probably noticed the heightened level of absurdity pushed by Social Justice Warriors. This week, the SJWs took it to a new level of idiocy by going after Bret Weinstein, a lifelong champion of progressive values. The borderline violent mob of immature malcontents had no interest in rationally discussing their grievances with Weinstein. If they had, they might have learned that Weinstein is not their enemy.
The word “irrational” can’t even begin to describe the mood of this SJW mob. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to imagine what is going through their minds as they berate an innocent man. They surrounded Weinstein on campus, started screaming at him, labeled him a racist and insisted that he resign.
It all started over a disagreement about Evergreen State College’s annual Day of Absence. The Day of Absence is a day where white people are asked to not come to campus so people of color can reflect on and discuss race relations in America. The Day of Absence sounds crazy to people who believe in Martin Luther King Jr’s sentiments, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” But hey, this is modern leftism, and modern leftism has gone off the rails.
Bret Weinstein usually respected the Day of Absence, but this time he felt that his colleague running the event had crossed a line. His initial understanding was that the event was to be voluntary. In other words, white students would not be forced off campus on the Day of Absence. His colleague, Rashida Love, made it seem like there would be real consequences for the white students who did not comply with this event however. In an email voicing his concern, Weinstein called it “…a show of force, and an act of oppression…”
The madness you see in the video started shortly after Weinstein voiced his concern about people being treated unfairly based on race. The threats from the Evergreen State College students and faculty became so severe that Weinstein now must hold classes off campus.
Weinstein’s brother, a mathematician and managing director at Thiel Capital, reminded everyone on Twitter that Bret has been standing up for progressive values probably before these SJWs were even born.

The left has continued down the path of irrationality and stupidity, and a good person like Bret Weinstein has become their latest victim. This story is unfortunate in many ways, but instances like this keep shedding light on how low the leftist ideology has sunk. If you are interested in learning more about Bret Weinstein’s story, you can check out a long form interview he did with Dave Rubin.

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3 thoughts on “The Left Is Eating Itself at Evergreen State College

  1. And what would happen to the country, and the world as a whole, if white people (well the white people who are not ashamed of being white), decided go go Galt?
    And how does this not fall under ant ‘racial intimidation’ statutes? Before anybody answers that, I know the answer. The Eric Holder Doctrine.

  2. There is no reasoning with lunatic snowflakes, and it’s a waste of time to try.
    I do find it incredibly entertaining that they are now consuming the leftist “professors” who’ve enabled them ;>)
    Can you say, “Hoisted on their own petard?”
    Personally, were I white and attending this joke of a college, I would have voluntarily… and permanently removed myself. The professor is correct: he is no longer safe on that campus.

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