The Left pushes America down a slippery slope

by Fabius Maximus

Summary: The Left drives America down a slippery slow to an unknown future. Radical social changes are coming ever faster, experiments powered by government power, done without our consent. We can still get off this path.

Slippery Slope

It is essential to see that we are sliding down the slippery slope. First, easy divorce. Second, rights for homosexuals. None were done with testing or experimentation to determine their effects on society. These were about more than rights. All were exercises of government power, done with little public support. Few politicians ran on the “easy divorce” or “gay rights” platforms. All resulted in proselytizing for the new lifestyle.

Now comes the third wave: rights for the trans-gendered. Driven by government power without consent of the governed. Again without research as to its long-term effects.


If he – or she, as you prefer – wins, it will be a milestone. That is, a meaningless even by itself but marking progress on a path going somewhere. We can see only a few of the implications.

  • As the guys at 4Chan said long ago, this shows that men are better at everything than women – including being women.
  • It shows the glitterati is hard-left, contemptuously poking in the eye their mostly traditional and mostly male audience.
  • It shows that the far Left is winning, remaking our society in a form more pleasing to their ideology. Almost uncontested.
  • It means the West is going full Weimar. That didn’t end well last time.
  • It probably means other things. Things of great significance but beyond my pay grade to see.
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Trust the Left’s social engineers in their Great Experiments. We’re the lab rats.

What’s happening?

The Left has broken all substantial opposition to its vision of a new society. Even resistance of the evangelicals has broken. This is the pursuit phase of battle: pursuit to crush a foe in full retreat.

Know that after Rights for Transgenders there will be a fourth wave. And a fifth. Until our society has changed beyond recognition.

Think back to see how much America has changed since these serial revolutions began. Where we were in 1990 was beyond the imagination of most in 1970. Where we were in 2010 was beyond the imagination of most in 1990. America in 2030 will be beyond the imagination of those in 2010.

But we can change and retake control of America’s evolution. For people, being sheep is a choice.


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