The Left wants to abolish elections in the future?

RUSH: A couple of weeks ago, and it might be three weeks ago now, I shocked many people in this audience unintentionally by predicting that at some point down the road the left is gonna figure out that the number one thing standing in their way to them acquiring perpetual power, which they think they are entitled to, the one thing standing in the way, they will conclude, is elections.

And it will be not long from now… Not next election and not 2020. It’s not gonna happen overnight. But it’s gonna happen. The left is going to start… In fact, they already have. I think part of what’s going on with this never-ending allegation that the Russians are tampering in every election is the baby steps that are being taken to establish a foundation upon which to build the belief that our elections are forever corrupt.

Because the Russians have become so easily involved, they’re so easily able to meddle. I mean, every election we have… The election in Ohio 12. The left is already saying that the Russians are involved. Bill Nelson, senator from Florida, is saying he just found out that the Russians have already tampered with the Florida election this November. Bill Nelson, our sitting senator, says he has got evidence the Russians have already gotten in there and did what they want to do. They’ve set the table for them to do what they want to do.

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So you see, the left is doing everything it can to destroy the perceived integrity, the honesty, the trustworthiness of our electoral system. And it all began in earnest… I think the modern era of this began after the Florida 2000 recount. When the Supreme Court stopped the Democrats’ efforts to steal that election for Algore, the left had their series of cows, had their conniption fits, and began saying that Bush was illegitimate because he didn’t win that election; Algore did.


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