The level of ENTITLEMENT in this Country is out of control… Homeless guy tries to shame me for not giving him money.

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by ketoll

My wife and I were leaving Church last Sunday. As we’re coming out of the building, standing RIGHT THERE at the door exit was a guy with a cardboard sign that said “Hungry” on it. He was just standing there staring directly at everyone that was exiting.

As my wife and I exited, he asks me “Can you spare some money?” I told him “Sorry, no.” He immediately retorted, “Ok then, spare some food.” Again, I told him “Sorry, no.”

Now this next moment is where I became completely floored by what he said next. This guy goes from beggar to asshole and says very arrogantly trying to shame us, “THANKS FOR YOUR HATE!!! WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?!?!”

It took everything I had to hold my tongue and keep walking because I knew this guy was just baiting people, specifically because we were leaving church. But for the next few hours I was just in disbelief. According to this guy’s logic, I was “hateful” because I didn’t hand him money which I don’t owe him and that I should be shamed for not giving him money. The level of ENTITLEMENT is beyond belief. It’s obvious to me that he was targeting Christians. And though the guy didn’t dress very well, he wasn’t even very homeless looking (had a big belly, didn’t look hungry to me either.)

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I just can’t believe the level of entitlement in our nation. “YOU HAVE, YOU GIVE ME!!!!” This is a disease, this is a poison. If I were ever hungry I would go knock on doors and offer to mow lawns, I wouldn’t expect complete strangers to just hand me all of their earnings for holding a cardboard sign. After that, I was so glad I didn’t give him a dime. I would have been subsidizing this Marxist view that is destroying our nation.

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Not all people that are homeless are truly down on their luck due to difficult circumstances. Some are just Marxist assholes.


I only give to people who I can clearly tell have mental/physical disabilities. I have no problem walking into a restaurant with them and letting them order something or giving someone spare clothes that I carry around when the weather is cold. The only thing some 30-40 year-old healthy bum is getting from me is a can of food for the dog he/she shouldn’t have.


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