The Many Directions Of The Las Vegas Massacre Is A Winding Road With No End – Without Explanation – A Video Of Great Mystery.

by Ruby Henley
There is a new theory or piece of so-called evidence being revealed daily concerning the Las Vegas massacre.  I find myself going off in every direction while investigating the differing aspects of this American tragedy. It made sense to me that ISIS was claiming responsibility for this massacre, as that is what ISIS does best. However, now I am looking at other theories, as Dr. Sebastian Gorka does not seem to think this is an ISIS inspired attack.  He also says that there is no such thing as an ISIS “lone wolf,” as all ISIS attacks have connections to the jihadi network.
MAGA Coalition chief strategist Sebastian Gorka believes that ISIS is not responsible for the Las Vegas massacre.  “Demographically, this individual doesn’t fit it. 60% of all the plots in the United States by ISIS have included perpetrators between the ages of 16 and 26,” he told FOX Business’ Trish Regan on “The Intelligence Report.
The following is an update on Stephen Paddock for October 9, 2017.  In a deposition obtained by CNN, Stephen Paddock said he gambled all night and slept all day, sometimes wagering up to $1 million a night at various Nevada casinos. The deposition also claims that at one point, he called himself the biggest video poker player in the world. Jamie Yuccas reports.   

We also have reports that Paddock was ‘deteriorating’ mentally at age 64. It does make you wonder how a man, who led such a lifestyle as Paddock, could physically transport the arsenal of guns to his Las Vegas suite on the 32nd floor. Oh, by the way, remember the number 32, as I am going to explore another theory later on in this report.

Some profilers are suggesting Stephen Paddock may have inherited a mental illness from his criminal father, which is a theory that coincides with new details about Paddock’s increasingly unstable mental status leading up to the shooting.
There are so many theories bubbling to the surface about this tragedy, and some are being called “conspiracy” theories.  Most of us know that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.  That is my statement about “conspiracy theories.”   I tried to research some of them, which are:
1.The Shooting Happened Near the Luxor Hotel, Which Is Shaped Like a Pyramid – Illuminati Symbol.
Actually, yes, it is true.  The Luxor Hotel was built in the shape of a pyramid, and the pyramid is considered by those, who believe in the Illuminati, to be a major symbol.  Whether you do believe in the Illuminati…or not, the below is something I found that cannot be disputed.  There is a deck of cards called the Illuminati card game, and the cards from that deck seem to predict certain tragic events which have come to pass.  

The following video will be one you will never forget, and you will see it and decipher it with your own eyes.  You will have questions, but you may not find the answers.  You may never look at the world the same again.

What is the history of the Illuminati card game? At this point, all I can do is to offer you that. QUOTE
Illuminati: New World Order (INWO) is a collectible card game (CCG) that was released in 1994[1] by Steve Jackson Games, based on their original boxed game Illuminati, which in turn was inspired by the 1975 book The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. INWO won the Origins Award for Best Card Game in 1997.
The game was released in 1995, but two of its cards contains imagery that could be considered reminiscent of 9/11.[citation needed] One of those cards, “Terrorist Nuke”, shows an explosion in one of a pair of skyscrapers, however this could be a reference to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing . The card for the Pentagon shows orange smoke emerging from its center, which could also be interpreted as fire.
Steve Jackson Games, Inc. v. United States Secret Service, 816 F.Supp. 432 (W.D.Tex., 1993), was a law suit arising from a 1990 raid by the United States Secret Service on the headquarters of Steve Jackson Games (SJG) in Austin, Texas. The raid, along with the Secret Service’s unrelated Operation Sundevil, was influential in the founding of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.[1]
In October 1988, Bell South became aware that a proprietary document relating to its 9-1-1 system had been posted on a bulletin board system (BBS) in Illinois.[2] This was reported to the Secret Service in July 1989.[2] In February 1990 Secret Service found that the document had been posted on the “Phoenix” BBS in Austin, Texas, which was operated by Loyd Blankenship, who was at the time employed by SJG and moderator of the company’s own BBS, “Illuminati”.[2] The Secret Service believed there was probable cause to search computers belonging to Blankenship and his employer, and a search warrant was issued on February 28.[3]
The Secret Service executed the warrant on SJG on 1 March 1990.[4] Three SJG computers were seized, along with over 300 floppy disks.[4] Among these was the master copy of GURPS Cyberpunk, a role-playing game written by Blankenship which SJG was about to release.[5] The “Illuminati” server included private personal emails to and from SJG employees.[6] The material was returned in June 1990.[7]
SJG sued the Secret Service for damages arising from loss of revenue while the computers were in its custody.[5] Steve Jackson and three other employees also sued for invasion of privacy, claiming the seizures were illegal under the Privacy Protection Act of 1980, Electronic Communications Privacy Act and Stored Communications Act.[8] Loyd Blankenship was not party to the suits.[9] The case came to trial in 1993 in the Western Texas District Court.[10] SJG was represented by the Austin firm of George, Donaldson & Ford. The lead counsel was Pete Kennedy. SJG won two out of the three counts and was awarded $50,000 in statutory damages and $250,000 in attorney’s fees.[5] No compensatory damages were awarded.[5] The judge said that Steve Jackson had little involvement in SJG at the time of the raid, and the company was close to Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and that Jackson’s renewed involvement in the wake of the raid had turned the company’s fortunes around.[5] The judge reprimanded the Secret Service, calling their warrant preparation “sloppy”,[4] suggesting that they needed “better education” regarding relevant statutes,[11] and finding that they had no basis to suspect SJG of any wrongdoing.[2] The third count dealing with interception of e-mail was upheld in October 1994 by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.[12] The Electronic Frontier Foundation was an amicus curiae at the appeal.[12]
Although the raid was not a part of Operation Sundevil, this law enforcement effort, which spanned two years, has a tarnished image owing to a lack of successful prosecutions and questionable procedures.[13] The GURPS Cyberpunk book lists “Unsolicited Comments: The United States Secret Service” on its credits page.[14]
Why was SJ Games raided? That was a mystery until October 21, 1990, when the company finally received a copy of the Secret Service warrant affidavit – at their request, it had been sealed. And the answer was . . . guilt by remote association. END OF QUOTE
Moving along….
2.Another theory is that Stephen Paddock had the number 13 tattooed onto his neck.  You can see a photo before the incident, which does seem to show the number 13 on his neck.  I believe it is a photoshopped image.  After the rampage, a very graphic photo shows Paddock lying on the floor of his hotel room with no number 13 on his neck. I believe this theory to be totally untrue.
3.Another theory containing a number is the number 32.  Paddock was registered in room number 32 in the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.  The number “32” is significant when it comes to being a Mason. The organization uses degrees to show rank. The 32nd degree is known as the Master of the Royal Secret. Also, included in the “32” theory strangely enough, the address of Stephen Paddock’s brother has a 320 in it.  It is seen directly over his head on his garage door in a press conference video.  These are true facts.
4.One witness told local news that a strange woman told concertgoers ‘You’re All Going to Die’ before the shooting.  This is true.  My theory on this is the woman could have been someone from the staff at the hotel, who had access to Paddock’s room.  Further, it is said that Paddock had entertained a prostitute that night, as it was known the receipt for the evening meal showed two guests.  The following video shows the young girl who reported this story to the press:

These are the facts on Stephen Paddock:

  1. From 1976 to 1985 he worked as a postman, an Internal Revenue Service agent, and an auditor for the Defense Contract Audit Agency.
  2. He worked for the predecessor company of Lockheed Martin in the 80s.
  3. He maintained relations with his younger brother Eric but estranged from older brothers Bruce and Patrick.
  4. He grew up in Sun Valley, California, and attended California State University in Northridge.
  5. He was married twice and had no children.
  6. David Famiglietti, of the New Frontier Armory, told the BBC that Paddock had purchased firearms at his store in north Las Vegas last spring, meeting all state and federal requirements, including an FBI background check. However, the shotgun and rifle Paddock bought would not have been “capable of what we’ve seen and heard in the video without modification”, Mr Famiglietti said.
  7. Two gun stocks were found in the hotel room, AP news agency reported, which can enable a weapon to fire hundreds of shots per minute.
  8. Stephen Paddock moved to his two-storey house in Mesquite from Reno, Nevada, in June 2016.  He lived in the property in Babbling Brook Court with his girlfriend Marilou Danley, who seemingly has been ruled out as a suspect.  She is an Australian citizen who moved to Nevada 20 years ago, the government in Canberra said. QUOTE
A former neighbour, Diane McKay, 79, told the Washington Post the couple always kept the blinds closed at home.
“He was weird,” she said. “Kept to himself. It was like living next to nothing.
“You can at least be grumpy, something. He was just nothing, quiet.”
Elsewhere the newspaper quoted neighbours in “several states” where Paddock owned retirement homes, describing him as “surly, unfriendly and standoffish”.
But those who lived close to a house he owned in Melbourne, Florida, have described him as “very friendly”.
According to US media, Paddock had a licence to fly small planes and owned two aircraft.
In 2012, he filed a negligence lawsuit against The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas, after a fall he said was caused by an “obstruction” on the floor, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported.
The legal action was reportedly dropped in 2014.
The relative lack of red flags in Paddock’s personal history has only heightened the sense of bewilderment as a shocked nation asks: Why? END OF QUOTE
Here is the timeline of the shootings:
22:05 First shots fired into the concert crowd,
21:59 Security guard shot on 32nd floor,
22:12 Police officers reach 31st floor and report gunfire coming from floor above,
22:15 Last shots fired into the concert crowd, and
23:20 Swat teams enter gunman’s room. They find ‘one suspect down.’
Pictures have emerged from inside the hotel room, and one of the viral pics claims to show Stephen Paddock dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  However, in some reports it has been said that authorities shot Paddock as they broke down the door to his room.  I have not yet determined which is true, as there are also reports Paddock was planning an escape.
Law enforcement officials have stated:  “We have absolutely no idea how in the world Steve did this. Absolutely no concept,” one relative of Paddock’s told the Washington Post. “There was nothing secret or strange about him.”
What do I believe at this time? I did believe he was a Muslim convert, acting with ISIS. I have not ruled that out.  I did read in the beginning there was Antifa literature found in his room….now I am not so sure. I, also, reported that he was seen at an anti-Trump rally in 2017 located near his home in Nevada.  I do believe this, as the analysis of the photograph seems to be legitimate to me.  
However, I am rebooting my brain to rethink all of this, as there are way too many theories out there.  To be honest, some may be labelled “conspiracy,” but again truth is stranger than fiction.  What I do know for certain is this massacre was not a hoax.  There are human beings who lost their lives at a time, which should have been the best of their lives.  RIP to all of those souls, who lost their lives at the Las Vegas massacre.

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16 thoughts on “The Many Directions Of The Las Vegas Massacre Is A Winding Road With No End – Without Explanation – A Video Of Great Mystery.

  1. No MB video as supposedly the security cameras were down according to the Sheriff. Yeah sure. I don’t think SP was even there.
    Ruby….your first two videos don’t load and play properly.

      • I think it’s essentially a communist agenda to keep auto and semi auto guns out of our hands and then for them to run and grab the rest of them. The FBI minder of the Sheriff is very telling, too in any of the Sheriff videos I’ve seen. The real shooters will never be found. SP will keep living elsewhere. There will be more “staged productions” until America DOES give up their guns like OZ did. Glad we’re on the same page, Ruby, as I was hoping you’d figure this out like I did. Still wondering about all the “memorials” and not real funerals with coffins, cemetery burials, etc. At least in the church shooting last year they had wax dummies in coffins for show….
        Why is nothing done about all the carnage in Baltimore and Chicago? Haven’t they run out of folks to shoot at and kill yet? What’s wrong with that picture? Still trying to figure that one out…….!!

  2. The Las Vegas shooting is a Illuminati Masonic NWO Zionist Mossad hit. The #13 that Paddock
    had Sharpied on his neck for the official photo was the first indication. His
    eyes are shut for the photo as in Stanley Kubrick’s movie “Eyes Wide
    Shut” that revealed their Sabbatean-Frankist sex magic secrets before they
    killed him. The Harvest festival is another – there are no harvest crops in the
    deserts of Nevada. The Illuminati card in the Illuminati card deck has a Jack
    and Ace, 21, but also 10/1 as in October 1. Also, J & A stand for Jason
    Aldean who was the singing on stage at the stage of the killings. The October 6 videos of the not real Paddock
    in Atlantic City, NJ or the not dead patsy person is indication like Sandy Hook
    children at the Super Bowl that this was an NWO staged event.

  3. Or: The sheriff at the latest press conference was in plains clothes so he could lie with impunity. It is a complete coverup. Occam’s razor states that Paddock was most likely anti-Trump just like Marilou Danley’s ex-husband. Birds of a feather. Google, Facebook, and the MSM are contributing to the coverup.
    Video from LAX airport on Sept 28, 4 days before the event.
    Here is Trump saying it is a sad day for him, personally:

  4. With the newest revelation that the security guard was shot 6 minutes before the the shootin instead of him stopin the shootin points to me that he most likely was part of the sequence of events. This guy has also kept a very low profile.
    WHY? Add to that another commenter sayin that the largest Russian gun runner was taken down in a sting in the USA in June and a week later Paddock got script for Valium. If he was part of the sting he had a good reason to be worried.
    So, ALL just a guess, a logical explanation was that Paddock was runnin guns/drugs for the agency and doin stings. He most likely said he was an ISIS supporter and the gun deal went bad. Why else have so many weapons that were NOT usable for shootin people. The gun buyers sensed it was goin down bad and shot the guard, part of Paddock’s security, and killed Paddock and spent 9 minutes firing up the crowd below. They either escaped or got gunned down immediately and it is just another lie that the LEOs waited 72 minutes to enter. Perhaps it took them that long to clean up the site? Where are the Hotel’s and Paddocks videos? That would explain a lot! There are about ten other things that support this scenario.
    Just tryin to make logic out of ALL these lies!

      • I believe I already mentioned the supposed CIA/Spec Ops phone charger left and that the guy who developed it murdered his daughter and blew out his brains through the BACK of his head with a shotgun, makes an interesting pulp paper spy book a couple days ago! Casinos are great for losing and LAUNDERIG money. Private planes are great for Gun and Drug Runnin and the pieces fir ALL together.
        Nothin happens by accident if money and power are involved. There is NO logical explanation how you can mess the time line up from the security cop got shot at the end of the shooting to he got shot 6 minutes before. This was the official story for almost a week?
        Also the final suicide shot has not been released yet. Surely someone would have heard that after a long cessation of firin! You seen the speculation that the leaked photo has a few blank brass in it and a weapon NOT used for the suicide is over him? Also some claim their is evidence of a gut shot. Who knows? I will state that it is ALL lies though!

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