The market reminds me of the sinking Titanic

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by Soniklyg

First of all we know that the market was moving faster than the safe speed and without safety measures because Trump wanted to brag about how great the “ship” is and how fast it can go.

Then the first phase came. That was when the virus was spreading uncontrolled and fast in china but everyone was saying its just the flu and the market was reaching new heights everyday. This is similar to the titanic aproaching the iceberg while everyone, was partying, being oblivious to the imminent disaster.

The second phase was the initial panic and the fastest market crash in history. That was the moment the ship hit the iceberg and the panic that caused.

Now we are in the third phase. We had QE, stimulus bills etc and the curve seems to be flattening. Now everyone thinks that we avoided the worst. This is like when the crew sealed the lower compartments of the ship to stop the flooding and the passengers thought that it was just a scratch and everything is going to be ok.

The next and final phase is when everyone will realise the true extend of the damage that keeps spreading and that the help won’t come soon enough. This when we will trully reach the bottom.

Obviously a sinking ship and the stock market look like they have no connection but I think that human psychology and the reaction to the disasters is the same.

Or maybe the prolonged home confinement messed up my head and I don’t know what I’m talking about so I’d like to hear other opinions.


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