The Mass arrests incoming… The swamp drain… You know it’s all kind of been out there for a while. Stopping Kavanaugh was their only hope.

True story.. All out there already reported.

Let’s start with Julian Assange. He met with Congressman Rohrbacher. Who Trump sent. Why????? MSM barely touched on it. Like most news that’s bad for them and they don’t really want to explain. Let’s check one MSM article that did report it.

‘Putin’s favorite congressman’ met with Julian Assange — and ‘plans to divulge’ details to Trump

Oh boy… You know Liberal cabal wasn’t happy about that meeting….

Next.. What did Julian tweet out less than a month after that meeting, after whatever plan they set in motion and talked about went down??

Damn… Look what song he posted. It’s a catchy tune. F the music. Read the words!

Talk about you’re free after years of being imprisoned and tweeted something to troll your enemies..


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