The Media are Lying about the Details of Poland, Hungary and the Czech republic Refusing Migrants – The Truth is Much, Much Worse

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by Mark Angelides

The European Union is taking Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to court for refusing to take 160,000 migrants in under an agreement made in 2015. They are looking at a fine of 250,000 Euros per migrant. But what is not being reported is the fact that these three countries ARE taking migrants, but only those that do not Fail basic vetting.
The European nations are essentially being asked to take in Migrants that the nations’ own Security Services deem to be a terror risk. They have taken in migrants who do pass the basic screening, but are turning away those that are believed to have either links to terrorism or are themselves potentially Jihadists. Why would the European Union want countries that have so far avoided terror attacks to take in known security risks? Could it be because they want terror attacks to be committed to further their own agenda?
EU Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker said: “I am for launching infringement proceedings — not to make a threat, but to make clear that decisions that have been made are applicable law, even if you have voted against it.” In response, Polish Interior Minister, Mariusz Blaszcak, said “security policy is a national, not European, competence.”
Of all the nations in Europe who have experienced terrorist attacks over the last two years thanks to “Merkel’s Madness”, if they could go back and apply even basic security screening, would they? Probably. So why are these three nations who are putting the safety and security of their own people first being so ruthlessly hounded? If the same total of 250,000 Euros per migrant is charged, it is a final bill of 40 billion Euros which for these countries represents a huge part of their budget. It is pressure, it is trying to put the fear of bankruptcy into them, and most of all it is wrong.
So what’s behind it all? The European Union want not only division and fear in the native population, but most importantly, they want them to see their leaders and governments as incapable of dealing with this “global crisis”. They want the populations to look on in horror as their national government fails to deal with the ever-increasing terror attacks and massive social issues that will arise. Only then will they ask for the European Union to step in and assume more control.
As ever, this is nothing more than a power grab; and be damned those who are hurt along the way.

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16 thoughts on “The Media are Lying about the Details of Poland, Hungary and the Czech republic Refusing Migrants – The Truth is Much, Much Worse

  1. Exit,stage left. These countries should leave the so called ” Union “,before they lose all their sovereignty. I can’t imagine other countries telling you,who you can or cannot refuse entry. And all this from unelected,highly paid bureaucrats.

  2. I’ll bet nationalists around the world would donate to those countries if they stood their ground to help pay the ransom demanded by the bureaucrats in the EU (un-elected) leadership. Assuming they could win that legal battle. Maybe those countries could call for a referendum vote on an immediate withdraw from the EU. That would be sweet.

  3. All the Eastern European countries should establish their own confederation.
    Globalist Scum, “Out of KAOS, ORDER!”

    • Geographically and culturally, it is very doable.
      I have no idea how many times I have been in Czech Rep.
      1 time in Poland, and a couple of times in Slovakia. Never
      been to Hungary (yet). There is so much German Industry
      located in Czech and Slovakia, a “Ost-Raus” would give
      Frau Merkl palpitations. (But if they wanted to work it out,
      they could) Autonomous Confederation would be a Cool Title.
      (The Countries mentioned got a lot of help from the EU to
      help upgrade after the years of Russian occupation. Junkers
      would try to send them one hell of a Bill if they tried to just leave.)

      • The east will always be treated as poe relatives and abused by the West. Russia will Always do their Slavic Brothers like family always does, screw over them. So the only logical action for the Eastern Europeans would be to attempt to stay neutral in between the two. Friends to ALL, allegiances to none except each other.
        . for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch
        No BANKSTER, Politick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist or Traitor too Big to JAIL or Impeach!

        • Czech (Bohemia Morava) has been playing that game for a very long time.
          It didn’t work out so well when these countries were given to Stalin
          by Roosevelt as a “Thank You” and a “Pay-Off” for the War Effort.
          (They were Royally Screwed-Over)

          • FDR and da Donkeys’ and the majority of the Republicans have been Globalist owned by the BANKSTERS working to establish Satan’s NWO. The same BAKSTERs financed the Bolsheviks, NAZIs and now the Progressives.
            You’re example is the reason ALL the Easter Europeans need to band together for mutual protection.

          • I love Praha, but don’t have the cash or time to make it very often any more.
            Something a little different for you if you are interested.
            Google and work your way past the standard superficial propaganda history.
            Prague Kaballist Renaissance
            Rabbi Lvi Loewe Loeb Maharel
            Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf / Esoteric /
            John Dee
            Just keep re-combining and searching (archives as well) until some things start to
            pop out. Every day, your life is effected by this story.

          • I just spent an hour I didn’t have in trying to connect your dots. Interesting reading though. Jan Hus, the Husite fighting against corrupt Catholic Church, and bein squashed after many successful battles and lighting the message of Chirst in the hearts of man prior to the Reformation.
            Kabalism morphing into Jewish and Gentile followers and most likely Satanism since much of it is against the Old Testament.
            The Voynich manuscript: secrete Higher truth or mind game from the 15th Century?
            Unholy Alliance between the Free Masons, Jesuits, Kabalist, Vatican, Satanist, Banksters, Globalist, Muslims to create Satan’s Beast’s 42 month rule of Earth?

          • I have been out to the field where Hus’s followers (mainly women and
            children) took no survivors with a group of knights on horse sent by
            the Vatican.
            But. – – –
            I posted this on Blacklisted, and got some joker all bent out of shape.
            He apparently blocked the first post, as I can’t find it.
            I asked, “Genealogically, is the Creature of Jekyll Island a Direct Descendant
            of the Golem Of Prague?” I ended up with an endless harangue over my
            ignorance. (Below, I did a drag and drop on the main points.)
            (Don’t Worry, I spent three years obsessed before I put this and several other
            pieces of info together.) R.
            Your Time is Up.
            So, the Golem of Prague was the Monster to destroy the Catholic (Christian)
            People who were a threat ot the Jews. He was created by Rabbi Lvi (Maharel)
            and his assistant Rabbi Kuhn. Rabbi Lvi being one of the most respected
            Kaballist Rabbis of all time. (This was just an Allegorical short story
            written roughly 150 years after the Maharel)
            Rabbi Lvi’s Family moved to Germany, and the name went through some
            changes. Loewe’s still live in Prague, but the German branch “morphed”
            into Loeb.
            The Fed, also with the nickname “Creature of Jekyll Island” was created by a
            group of Private Banks, with the main bank, or one of the main banks being
            Kuhn and Loeb.
            So Who Made the Golem?
            With German Form, Loeb and Kuhn,
            And the Creature from Jekyll Island??
            Kuhn and Loeb. (And Yes, this is direct descent.)
            Also the other Banks excluding JP Morgan had a large number of
            descendants of the Maharel in their Upper Management and
            Ownership Structure. JP Morgan has been accused of using
            Rothschild Money if I remember correctly, and Rothschild, through
            marriage is also a descendant.
            So is the Creature of Jekyll Island a Direct Descendant???
            So Maybe the Answer is “Somewhat”
            I Put this down in a Riddle or Joke form for amusement,
            And Lost you totally. If You understood History and
            Power Structure as you Proclaim, you would have been
            laughing along. I put something down that is not in a
            a standard YouTube Video and you are confused.
            People often refer so dramatically to the Rothschilds,
            but they are only one family out of a group of cousins
            that are descended from the Maharel. This includes
            Oppenheimers, Loebs, Kuhn, Goldschmidt (Goldsmith)
            and several others. It also includes Kissinger,
            John Kerry, and very possibly Madaleine Albright.
            All Cousins. (And what famous name does Goldsmith
            And this is only a fraction of the story. Our modern
            banking structure families are all descended from
            the man admired by the Jews for creating the Monster
            to destroy the Christians. (I hope you do understand
            the Irony of such a coincidence)
            I do understand now that you are much more familiar
            with the archival information than I am,
            And I would appreciate your input.
            Remember, this is lifted from a squabble on another site.
            Have a good day,

          • I claim to KNOW nothin. Most of all we read and hear is lies and much of what we see. Tellin da Truth is a revolutionary Act!

          • Please understand,
            any insulting comments about anyone being lost are frome the
            original post on Blacklisted News. (That’s not for you.)
            This info is not on any YouTube video, or standard
            Alternative site. There was some pure luck plus a
            huge amount of time in finding this.
            Basically Everything you see in the modern world is
            affected by this one family. It is too late to change
            anything now, I have only posted it thinking it might
            change the understanding of someone. This is
            only a first step to understanding the financial side
            of the world you live in.
            (This story means enough, that when you look at Kate
            Middleton, you are looking at one of the direct
            descendants out of this story. It means enough
            that little Arthur, who should probably end up
            King of England someday, is a descendant of the
            Maharel as well.
            (The simple list of cousins is unbelievable.)
            Think Slowly

          • No sweat Bro. There is some much info on the Satanic clowns in front of the curtain we can identify ad we do nothing about, it really doesn’t matter who is behind it. Notice NONE of them show up as Forbes Richest people in the world. The most likely control untold TRILLIONs and the some!

  4. Does anyone ever ask why these people are leaving their countries of origin? Perhaps they are being given incentives from the scumbag Soros/leftist crowd? Elephant in the room that the truly brain-dead refuse to consider.

  5. Hang Merkel, Juncker, and any other pedopriest or E.U.poltician that betrays the Citizens …….. as an example for the next leaders to do their duty.
    It is government’s main duty to kill raping, pillaging, murdering, invaders at the border.
    Then to hang any traitor who opens the City Gates to them ……..
    Sink the Invader’s Landing Craft and shoot any that make it to the shore line.
    Immigration without Assimilation is Invasion.
    LEADERS protect their Citizens ….. TRAITORS allow enemies in to attack the Citizens.
    NATO wants to take on RUSSIA?! (and maybe China)
    NATO cannot defend it’s own people at HOME.
    NATO cannot beat ISIS-AlQueda-Taliban-AlNusra
    NATO families will be raped & murdered as NATO Troops fight far from home.
    NATO installations will be sabotaged by Refujihadi Invaders.
    NATO Troops should turn their weapons on their ENEMIES that are betraying them.
    NATO defeated itself by being invaded and overrun by the REFUJIHADIS from the wars NATO started but can’t FINISH …………. THAT has to be a FIRST in all history.

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