The Melbourne Rebellion has begun!

Crowds have swelled into something the police and military can no longer squash. Apparently police have given up trying!

Simeon Boykoff, aka the Aussie Cossack suspects that Victoria Premier Dan Andrews will face the same political fate as Romanian Communist leader, Nicolae Ceaucescu. He says:

“Now, if Dan is listening to this, you better quickly, Dan seek refugee status. Go to your nearest Chinese embassy or consulate. Maybe the Chinese will take you, because you’ve obviously been working for them all this time…

“It seems that Dan Andrews, Dictator Dan has finally succumbed to his own power. He’s pushed the people that hard, that it’s no longer a question of Right Wing, Left Wing; no longer a question of race, color, political persuasion. Everybody is out on the streets and Melbournians, you’re doing this for the whole country…

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“Something awesome is happening in Melbourne. Melbourne, which is the most locked-down city in the world, officially, Melbourne has been overtaken by Australians.

“People have taken to the streets. It’s now at a turning point. It’s like a runaway train. It’s no longer a handful of construction workers or a few people here and there. It’s officially become a huge movement. It’s so huge that it even reminds me of one of these Left-Wing sort of movements.


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