The minimum wage in Venezuela is now under $4 a month.

More than three months that the government increased the minimum wage since the wage is made with salt and water. Venezuelans are seeing their income vanish in the midst of an escalating inflationary unprecedented. Before that the wage instead of increasing it decreases your buying power and is that the salary of the venezuelan depreciated and fell to less than $ 4 monthly. And there is hope that you get a salary increase in August 2019.

The legal minimum wage of Venezuela fell on Wednesday to 3,55 dollars after the local currency, the bolivar, to keep its decline with respect to the u.s. currency, which was replaced by 11.264,48 units in the official market.

The minimum wage in Venezuela is 40,000 bolivars, and is the norm in the public administration, where they perceive at least some three million workers.

In addition, the workers earn every month a power bonus of 25,000 bolivars (2,21 dollars), which does not generate labor liabilities.


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