The Ministry of Truth Has Finally Arrived

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by Mark Angelides

The European Union, finally fed up with the news agencies that don’t follow the party line, has taken the unsurprising step of opening its own propaganda arm in the form of two news agencies. As a bloc that brooks no dissent (EU pensions are contingent on a non-disparagement clause), the newly formed agencies are set to be nothing more than governmental mouthpieces.
The two new organizations will fall under the oversight of three already existing EU news agencies: AFP, DPA and ANSA. They will also be part of a group that falls into an existing conglomerate of 12 (also EU sponsored news agencies).The “European Data News Hub” will launch in June, and will be closely followed in October by the “European Data Journalism Network”. EU officials have stressed that the agencies will have full “editorial independence”.
One site will be responsible for reporting on events that have relevance to EU nations (EDNH), while the other will be producing polls and data for “all news agencies” to utilize (EDJN). Essentially one will tell readers what to think and the other will tell them why.
There is of course, nothing wrong with a private organization having its own marketing department, but this project is not just about marketing and propaganda. At its core, it will be a “fact checker”. All data that comes out will be heavily spun and manipulated, and it will be classed by the EU as “Gospel truth”. it will, in fact, be the standard y which all other news agencies operating in Europe will be judged by. If an article is released that does not have “facts” hat coincide with what the EDNH has published, it will immediately be classified as “fake news” or in EU speak “a Russian plot against the Democracy and Legitimacy of the European Union”.
And for the privilege of having our “facts” presented to us, the taxpayer will be forking out around 2 million Euros per year. Much like the BBC with its (legally enforceable) license fee, the citizens of Europe are being asked to pay for their indoctrination.
But the saddest aspect of all this is not just that more government tools are being forced upon the population, it is that these two agencies are not set to be merely portals. They will become “Guilds”. If a private news organization wants to be classified as an actual “news organization”, it will have to apply for its position at the Guild, as will journalists. This is a project that was first floated by Hillary Clinton during her doomed election campaign. Agencies will have to apply, abide by the rules, and ultimately face censorship rules to operate properly. From the mouth of the Democrats, to the ear of the EU.
Once the EDNH and the ADJN are in place, the US model will soon follow. But in the US it will begin as State regulated and will become the official organ through which data is submitted to the Federal government (think crime reporting and Sanctuary cities). Until one day, we can all live happily and peacefully knowing that all the information we learn has been blessed by Big Brother.

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