“The more that voters care about crime, the worse it is for Democrats”

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BOB MCMANUS: George Soros-backed DA realizes that soft-on-crime ‘reforms’ are a failure.


KRUISER’S MORNING BRIEFING: Once Glorious California Is Now a Fascist Lunatic Asylum. “Gavin Newsom is a full-on fascist. I was fortunate to end my time in California before he became governor. The thought of him in the White House is petrifying. He comes from the same San Francisco political toilet that’s given us Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi. People from the most radical part of an already radical state keep rising to power.”

See also  Leftists on full meltdown after a Russian embassy Tweets "a family is a man, a woman and children"
See also  Elon Musk Liked This Tweet: "Twitter is reportedly nuking pedo accounts. This is eliminating much of Antifa Twitter."

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