The NASDAQ completed a 10% correction just 3 trading days after setting a new all-time high (September 2)…. Michael Novogratz: I think the bubble popped

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Michael Novogratz on the Market Sell-Off: I Think the Bubble Popped

The market extends its losing streak from the end of last week. The Nasdaq is down around 8 percent over the past five trading sessions. And Tesla stock is down nearly 30 percent. Michael Novogratz, Galaxy Digital Founder and CEO, joins ‘Closing Bell’ to talk about his thoughts on the sell-off.

Gundlach Says High Yield Bond Defaults May Almost Double

High-yield bond default rates may double as companies struggle with a protracted economic downturn even as the Federal Reserve props up valuations, said Jeffrey Gundlach. The investment grade corporate debt market has skewed toward lower quality BBB- rated debt, but if just 50% of that…


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