The new covid variant is very likely a scapegoat for Market crash

by ciebor

We know for a fact that Delta variant was pretty dangerous and we had significant data on it to classify it as such. However, we still do not have much information on the Omicron variant and yet it is being pushed as a narrative that does not add up.

I am in no way an expert on virus or market but just reading the data available at hand. Going to put it all here so you guys can see and decide for yourself.

Variant Date officially Identified as VOC (variant of concern) Transmissibility Hospitalization Mortality S&P 500 same day S&P 500 next day
Delta 6th May 2021 +97% +85% +137% +0.82% +0.74%
Omicron 26th Nov 2021 official report : “Possibly increased” Unknown Unknown -2.27% ?

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This does not mean that Omicron is a joke variant. This variant has a lot of mutations and has a high probability of becoming very dangerous.

But what i am failing to understand is, how did the delta variant had no impact on the market when you could see it’s fatality and adversity everyday, along with research data showing that it is dangerous. And this new variant, which is still being investigated, caused a minor red market and is all over the news saying the new variant is causing the market to go red. We still have no cases or data to show that this variant is killing more people than Alpha or Delta.

Confusing bit is, the market all over the world started going down on 26th before this was officially added as VOC.

In my personal opinion, market crash might be coming soon and Omicron will be used as a scapegoat to hide all the shenanigans WS has been doing. Blaming the crash on Covid will not make people as angry, when HFs and banks are bailed, as it did in 2008.



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