The New York Times and The Washington Post are Resurrecting Proven Bogus ‘Russiagate’ Election Interference on Behalf of the Democratic National Committee’s Power Brokers to Go After both Trump and Bernie Sanders, Shamelessly Hoping to Hide Their Own Election Trickery.

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by Dhylan

Establishment Democrats are again conspiring to invoke the claims of ‘Russian meddling’ to go after their own progressive wing as well as President Donald Trump. The bogus accusation seems to be nothing more than cover for their own wrongdoing.

Moscow is now supposedly helping Bernie Sanders in the 2020 US presidential election – that is, if you believe the anonymously sourced Washington Post “bombshell.” This follows a New York Times claim on Thursday that the Kremlin is “again” betting on Trump, written by known partisan hacks and likewise based on anonymous sources.

Who has the power to insert this information into both of those so-called newspapers?



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