The news creates conspiracy theories by being political partisans. And by being wrong all the time.

by 2201992

MSM job is to report the news.

They don’t report the news. They report there opinions. And even worse they report the party narrative. Usually the Democrat Party narrative. The only time (at least in my lifetime) they didn’t report solely on the Democrat Party narrative was in 2003 when they reported on the Iraq War narrative that Iraq has WMDs. Which was the Republican Bush/Cheney narrative.

And ever since then they have been wrong on nearly every thing they report on.

Every single shooting in the past 2 to 3 years if someone was a Republican or subscribed to a Conservative narrative they would hype it up for months and call for Gun Control aka Confiscation. Example: Kyle Rittenhouse.

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If the shooter or attacker was a Democrat or subscribed to a liberal narrative view points the story would die down within a day and we would never hear about it again. The story will not trend and the story will not gain any more debates. Example the NYC Subway Shooter, the guy who rammed his car into the National Guard, Paul Pelosis attacker etc., etc.,

All these stories go away if it paints the Democrats in a negative way. As a society we have gone from o wow that’s terrible we need to lock him up to o wow which political ideology is he? Which Gun did he use? We need to ban Guns! One incident = all gun owners are bad. Instead of using the Law to punish the violent felon they want to take away OUR rights. Or at least make it impossible for the average person who follows the law to obtain one.

And then there is the COVID/Vaccine Narrative. They don’t even pretend to be neutral on the reporting. For the last 2 years we have seen them report solely on the party line. And what’s worse is they have created “Fact Checkers” to clamp down on the Conspiracy Theories because there reporting is usually dog shit and has been wrong consistently. Not even remotely accurate. It’s wrong all the time. And the fact checkers work for the same media companies that consistently get the facts wrong.

What gets reported: the narrative.

What doesn’t reported: the facts.


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