The mainstream media still s*cks. Can’t seem to tell the truth about anything, even the objective stuff. Everything they do is for ratings and profit.

The reporter for the Weather Channel is having a hard time standing. He is bracing himself with his back to the wind and is still being rocked by the hurricane force winds. Meanwhile two men in the background are causually walking arounding checking theri phones. Added drama for more excited viewing? Fake weather report?


There’s this example from today and another example of a girl in a canoe from a few years ago. So many examples to conglomerate really paints a poor picture of the main news stations.

CNN outs themselves as using their own cameramen as fake protesters [1:15]

CNN just accidentally admitted their bias on LIVE TV: Jake Tapper couldn’t help contain it.

The girl CNN interviewed about randomly running into Hillary Clinton while hiking in the woods knew her previously. Previous associate:

Never Trust the News

If you’re standing in front of crime scene tape that you wrapped around your own equipment, you might be FAKE

HR 5736 basically negated the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 (U.S. Intelligence and Educational Exchange Act). The bill was passed as part of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act.

Operation Mockingbird was a classified CIA program spanning from the 50’s through to late 70’s intended to influence the media and create ‘a propaganda network’ of leading American journalists.


h/t Jake & Orangutan