The noose tightens: Netherlands will change vax passport validity to 9 months Feb. 1

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Use translator to translate page plz, important points (google)translated below:

‘The caretaker cabinet wants a vaccination certificate in the Netherlands to have an expiration date from 1 February. A booster shot will then be necessary for many people to obtain a corona admission ticket, said outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge at a press conference on Monday.’

‘It is not yet certain how long the vaccination certificate will remain valid, but the Netherlands will probably follow European regulations. For the sake of clarity: the validity period only includes the so-called ‘primary’ vaccinations. There is not yet a validity period for a vaccination certificate after a booster shot. This is because experts do not yet know how long a booster shot will provide sufficient protection against COVID-19.’

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‘In addition to introducing a period of validity for vaccination, the government is also considering shortening the period of validity of the recovery certificate.

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At the moment, the proof of recovery in the Netherlands is valid for one year and the cabinet is looking at whether that can be reduced to 180 days. More information about this will follow in mid-January.’



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