The Oil “Price” Is A Key Political Tool

Times are tight enough … aaaand then fuel prices start to rise, further harming your pocket book, imminent travel plans, any sense of remaining monthly savings, and your general outlook for the future. Sound familiar? We’re in the thick of it yet again, just like a decade ago. And yet the trend of rising oil & gas prices – just before or during an economic recession, or worse – is neither coincidental, nor should be limited to our wider experiences from the crises of 2008. You see, the oil price is an economically & thus politically expedient tool, designed via financial opacity at the highest levels of global finance, for enriching the world’s largest financial institutions, for underwriting experimental international stimulus measures to stave off deflationary depressions (or at least try to…), and for inevitably consolidating assets across continents while managing the perceptions of whole populations. Engineering collective perceptions whether for pouring the masses of certain sanctioned nations into the streets shouting for “¡Revolución!”, or for shifting consumer habits toward electric vehicles, or certainly for finding acutely convenient blame for why an economic recession should all of a sudden start in an economy that ‘otherwise seems just fine’…. [tongue firmly in cheek]

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