The Paradox of Overturning Roe v Wade

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by Chris Black

I want my enemies to be politically disempowered but I’m happy that the worst elements of society can voluntarily end their own bloodlines.

Leftists mainly reproduce via grooming, but the fact that they’re refusing to reproduce biologically is a good thing because it’s creating a biologically conservative population.

Plus, having a predisposition to kill your own offspring is a pretty maladaptive trait that shouldn’t be passed onto future generations. It’s characteristic of spiteful mutants.

One positive is that it may inspire a libtard exodus from red states that ban abortion, as they fear some sort of Right-Wing resurgence.

See also  Special Assistant to John Fetterman : "He'd be okay with, like, overturning the Second Amendment.”

Are the libtard tears are worth the increase in undesirables? (I don’t know).

Banning birth control, which is used by more intelligent people and is the main reason for whorish behavior among Whites, would have a more positive demographic and cultural impact in the long run.

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