The POSSIBILITY of an ALL OUT Internet Shutdown is more likely than ever. Have you thought about how you would prepare!?

by TrufSerumX

I suggest building an OFFLINE REPOSITORY Now!

Whether it be a large USB Drive or External HDD, some items to consider having:


(Has its Biases But a decent start to a knowledge compendium)
(Roughly 70k of the most important works in the world)


This is a software that will help you download and browse both the ENTIRE WIKIPEDIA and PG in OFFLINE FORM.



Youtube has tons of free entertainment and survival info but useless to you in the event of a internet outage.


Youtube-dl is a command line tool that allows for you to download any non DRM youtube video you want. Simply store the executable in any directory on your offline repository and use CMD to navigate to that directory (OLD DOS DAYS) and type youtube-dl <copy and paste yt link from browser>

I have tons of music, and documentaries that I have archived this way. Enough to keep me entertained for quite a while in the event of an outage.


Entire Pole Shift Wiki
Pole Shift Repository holds some 7000+ documents and how to guides on all kinds of survival and homesteading how-tos that may prove useful. While I am not one of the pole shift crowd, their info has been made in a downloadable format.


Navigate your browser to the URL and simply download each subject range and unzip into a folder. All good useful info.

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Offline Mapping / GPS Data
Most People do not realize how important mapping data is until it is unavailable and likely many do not have a paper atlas. If so you are ahead of the game but yours may not contain all new streets and areas. Open Street Maps is an opensource GPS TILE utility that allows for you to download offline maps.


Navigate there and there are links about how to create an area of interest and download all GPS tiles associated with such. I suggest your home city and perhaps routes to your bug out location and perhaps other major cities of interest or areas around you. One can if so inclined download the entire world file (which is 100gb compressed)

As of writing this there are numerous open source GPS tile reading software for your review of this data later. I have not decided on one I like more than the others. Perhaps my GLP family can suggest one?


Scans of Important Documents
Bank Statements, IDS, Birth Certificates, Land Deeds Etc.

A Scanner or SmartPhone Scanning Sofware

This one is a no brainer. All important documents back up in digital form. Family photos, films too.

I suggest once every few months going to your local branch and asking the teller that you are applying for a loan and need a verified last six months statement (this is usually one stamped and signed by a bank member), while yes many of us have crypto/metals etc, it will be helpful to be able to verify your banking info for all sorts of possible reasons in a no internet world. Cannot hurt. My branch does this for free. Some my charge.


This is by no means a complete list and I hope many of you will appreciate it and add more items to it. Remember STORE THIS INFO LOCALLY. Do not rely on cloud computing services (DUH).

You may wish to have two copies of this info as well. One you perhaps carry or take camping etc (offline movies and music work well for that), and one you keep in an EMP/Faraday Cage. (Galvanized Trashcans SEALED with Metal Duct Tape With Cardboard placed inside work well).

Best wishes and good luck. Be prepared. Will this happen? I cannot say for certain. But in times like these I feel IF it is going to happen, it could be soon.




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