The PRO Act threatens our economic recovery

At a time when the country desperately needs economic recovery, the House Democratic majority has instead used the 117th Congress to push its radical anti-worker agenda. By passing H.R. 842, the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, Democrats are attempting to undermine our recovery while also returning to an economy of old.

The PRO Act would substantially rewrite labor laws to put more power in the hands of organized labor at the expense of the economy, consumers, and workers. In a time of uncertainty caused by a once-in-a-generation pandemic, Congress’s focus should be a stable and continuous recovery, not controversial and disruptive labor bills such as the PRO Act.

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Unfortunately, Speaker Nancy Pelosi used her historically narrow majority to ram this partisan legislation through the House. It now falls on the Senate to keep this economically destructive legislation, which President Biden has predictably endorsed, from becoming law.

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It would take a full-volume encyclopedia to describe every flaw of the PRO Act. In short, the legislation would cripple entrepreneurs, workers, and supply chains, just the opposite of what we should be doing to stimulate recovery. It would also undercut the innovation that has propelled our economy into the 21st century.


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