“The Purge on Hollyweird” T.R.U. Reporting & Just Informed Talk

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Q-Anon RETURNS! The Purge On HollyWeird!

T.R.U Reporting
Jul 24, 2018

Revealing Comments follow:

Putin put a stop to all adoptions coming from Russia to the United States due to pedophilia and when they grew up and got too old they would take them back.

Did you hear Cordicon talking about JFJ Jr.? Check out his you tube.

An attempt to nail the Pope has already occurred. It was a citizens’ arrest based on a court in Spain. He got away.

@SarahRuthAshcraft started the Hollywood Pedo take down. Her tweets are unbelievable. She is an amazingly BRAVE woman! I hope a ton more come forward….

I agree 1000%.. A survivor. May our FATHER in HEAVEN give her PEACE by bringing down this house of cards that evil elites live in. BRING IT DOWN…. WWGOWGA.

The loudest voices give themselves away!

I wonder if BIG means Tom Hanks movie “BIG”.

I can’t believe what sellouts these people are especially the Meryl Streep‘s and the Oprah‘s who are best friends with Harvey Weinstein like they didn’t know they knew they knew. They knew they knew they knew Dr. Seuss quote

The Rothschild financed the wars, both sides

Great Video TRU as always , Happy Q is back , pretty crazy stuff . Eating my popcorn and Enjoying the show for sure ! WWG1WGA

Claire Bronfman is the heiress of the Seagram fortune they are good friends with Justin Trudeau and the Clintons. She is a BIG FISH!

Look at the third pic of Trump as you explain the song drop at the VFW event. Look at Trump’s right hand in the 3rd picture. American Sign Language gesture for the letter Q. At least that’s what I see!

Crazy stuff my brother. I pray the evil gets eradicated and the love of the Lord God in Heaven above anoints this world again. Pray. Pray hard and often. #WWG1WGA

Wow!!! To be honest, I wasn’t that surprised about the Whoopi thing because of how she acted toward Judge Jeanine on the view last week. Q has been saying those who scream the loudest have something to hide.

Johnny Depp is looking gaunt and Teresa may of the UK is looking very grey


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