The Race For President Is Probably Over.

by Pamela Williams
Hillary Clinton just became unelectable. The scene at the 9/11 Memorial became terrifying as Hillary Clinton’s legs buckled, and she appeared to almost faint.
This image has just been impressed upon the minds of the public, and it is making them feel very unsafe.
Hillary Clinton said herself that the number one quality in a President should be steadiness.
Unless Trump messes up royally, he will be running unopposed.

The most important quality in a president and Commander-in-Chief is steadiness—an absolute, rock solid steadiness.

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34 thoughts on “The Race For President Is Probably Over.

  1. Sometimes it feels like I am watching a scripted TV show. All this cannot really be happening in real life..
    Other times I think I am a spectator at a test to see just how much her supporters can possibly take and still not admit they were wrong.


  2. You vastly underestimate the Clinton’s lust for power. All they have to do in prop up her corpse at the desk in the Oval Office and allow Bill to make all the decisions.
    No way she bows out.

  3. I cannot tell the future. I can tell what might happen knowing how these people are.
    1. Hillary could be playing the “Feel sorry for me” card when she comes up against charges of corruption for her time as senator and secretary of state. I can see the ENEMEDIA now saying…”How can you put this poor woman through the stress of going to trial. Can’t you see she is not well?”
    2. Obama may declare no election because there is no two parties running.
    3. The economy takes a huge nosedive and Obama says in order to save the country, we must have stability and he must remain in office to shepherd the US through this most trying time in all our history as a nation.
    4. War. Hillary was possibly a non start. She is a shill to keep the charade going. They knew she was damaged goods (both physically and ethically) and so they put her into the position until the war breaks out. War seems to be on the minds of those who cannot figure out how to fix the economy. Their answer is always WAR. Hillary gets her place in history….as the first woman to run as president from a major party. She will go down in history…..she will be in the same league with her husband…..infamous. The war starts and Obama remains in office.
    5. Trump runs unopposed. The least likely to happen. But it is being put out there by even the ENEMEDIA now.
    6. Hillary stays in and wins. George Will and William Krystol get their wish. GOD help us if that happens.
    7. Kane takes the lead as presidential hopeful for the democrats as Hillary bows out. That is the best scenario. Trump Wins in a LANDSLIDE.

    • You have some interesting points but there’s an error in your reasoning.
      There are more than two candidates running for president. Remember Jill Stein and Gary Johnson? Obama can’t declare “no election” this is simply an issue for the DNC, not a Constitutional crisis. There is no law which states that a Demoncrat must run for President.
      Otherwise, you have the right skeptical attitude. 😉

        • I agree that Trump could win this if everything goes the right way. But it will need to be overwhelming for him to take the electoral college. The campaign against Trump by the media is just the evidence that the establishment will not tolerate his existence in the White House.

        • You’re correct. They have no statistical chance, but that isn’t because people don’t want a third option.
          Remember when Ross Perot stood at 35% (or something like that) as an independent in the ’92 election?
          Even though I believe that was a situation where Perot was used by TPTB to get Bush elected, there is a reasonable assumption that a dynamic third party candidate could have cleaned up in this year’s election cycle.
          We are largely spoon fed the diet that “they” want us to eat. When we (as in We The People) begin getting restive and start agitating for change, we are given a red-herring candidate to briefly give us hope. Then that hope is dashed and we sigh and think we have to go back to the establishment.
          This year’s election cycle is a bit strange in that the “alternative candidates” are within the established two-party-one-government system.
          I’m not sure what that means, but if we get Clinton, then we’ll have an “approved” President. If we get Trump, then we’ll have an ineffectual, and ignored President who will make a lot of noise, but be powerless to stop the Deep State’s agenda.
          Just my thoughts.

          • It’s not that they don’t want a third option… is because the third party candidates are one of two things…..either they cannot get the ENEMEDIA’s coverage and so languish in never had a chance land or they are so bad on so many issues that no one wants to vote for them.
            I also disagree that Trump will be ineffectual. He will be the most effective president in history. How do I know this? I see his fruits….what he has done in the past. He also has the advantage of being ENEMEDIA savvy. He will use the bully pulpit like no other president in history. Americans want to see America great again. Obama and his surrogate Hillary have worked to makes sure American is great-less.
            The Trump landslide is already happening. Hillary cannot draw flies at her rallies and Trump gets standing room only crowds.

          • I hope two things:
            1) That Trump is honorable and will do the “right” thing according to Constitutional rule of law, and
            2) If the above is true, he will actually get elected.
            I keep hearing people talk about the crowds he gathers while HRC events are sparsely attended. But we’ve seen that kind of situation before with Ron Paul, and during this election cycle with Bernie Sanders.
            It will take an overwhelming landslide to prevent the theft of this election, and even if that happens, I’m not convinced that Trump is the man for the job. I’m CONVINCED though, that HRC would be far, far worse.
            Sadly there is no viable alternative to these two.

          • Yes, Ron Paul had huge crowds…….but he never got the nomination. Trump is the nominee of the republicans…..and they don’t like it…….and that is why I support him.

          • You’re right, they don’t like it. I will probably vote for him simply because everyone in the establishment seems to hate him. =)

    • Or, the Democrats substitute a truly likeable candidate, one that can win the election for them. They really messed up with lying Hillary.

  4. I think they should get Ricky Bobby to be Hillary’s replacement. I’m serious. That way they’d have two actors (Hillary and Obama) being replaced by another actor. If they got him to run against Trump he’d probably win by a landslide. The whole political thing is a joke anyway, so why not have someone like Ricky Bobby to be Prez and make it even more of a joke than it already is. He’d probably have everybody smiling all the time.

  5. Jeb Bush is on his way back I think. What a scum bag. Let’s see which would you rather have Hillary, Jeb or a dead fish for president. At least you could eat the dead fish if you were starving, you couldn’t eat Jeb or Hillary if you were starving, because, both of them are way too rotten to be good for anything.

    • Trump destroyed Jeb with two words, “Low Energy”. Low Energy Jeb. LOL. Nobody is now going to vote for that momma’s boy. Anyway, Jeb is a Republican. It’s the Democrats who need a substitute candidate, but it’s a bit late in the day for that, so they are stuffed Not only has Hillary screwed up half the world, now she’s doing the same to her own party! You couldn’t make this stuff up – it’s wonderfully weird.

      • Man, you know what, I just didn’t think of Jeb and Donald being in the same party, major misstep, unless, you consider what we are dealing with, i.e., the Republican and Democrat parties, one in the same, working for the same cause, seeking the same outcome. We have magic bullets and fire falling steel skyscrapers and so much more bs, how can it surprise anyone if somehow, some way; oh yeah, right, like it is really going to be hard for them to get their man where they want him, chained around the neck of America, for as long as she can live, thereafter. I should have explained, I apologize. If the Master’s of the Universe, the Rothschild Family, want the election of Hillary Clinton so bad that they do what they are doing, and whoa, aren’t they turning common sense upside down, along with just about every thing else: medical, reality, the truth. Well, I am sure there is a reason they want Hillary soo bad, bad enough to go for the other puppet, Jeb Bush, and Katy bar the door, it will happen. I think, something really bad is coming our way and the Rothschild’s feel they, just must, have control of our Government/Leadership when it happens, to insure their own very well being. The worst thing about all this is our racially, religiously, financially, and educationally, totally mixed up, and filled with hate, for one another -society; all the more than three hundred million of US, cannot stop the gods (the Rothschild’s) from having their way with us! America, were it one people, one religion, one idea of education and finance, if we were one nation, we still would be hopelessly lost in the Rothschild’s greed and hatred of us. We cannot ever win anything of any importance because we are not one of them! Think trillions of dollars worth of wealth cannot get a President the holder of those trillions wants; I know you know they can and I do appreciate your being kind and courteous, that you did not jump on me for me having left out an explanation. It is going to be something to watch if Hillary fails or dies, what then? They, the Rothschild’s, may settle for Kaine, but my money is on a Bush or Obama, one more time. Laws, mean nothing to the Lawyer’s working for the Rothschild’s, morality, decency, non- joo human life forms, nothing, matters to a clan of people, the Rothschild’s, so arrogant, and so used to having things the way they want them. We are, helpless.

        • Don’t despair Sam! Just sit back and enjoy the show. It actually has all the elements of a black comedy. Hillary’s health issues and the constant coverups are becoming farcical. The Rothschilds or whoever is actually running things now have a major, unforseen headache. Apparently one tv news show even reported her death as fact, before retracting! There’s a suggestion that a double walked out of her daughter’s apartment building. For all we know, Hillary could be as stiff as a board by now. As said, you couldn’t make this stuff up! God is great. Have a little faith. The house of cards illusion world is falling apart.

    • Yaah, there have been reports of her death and her body double being used when she exited Chelsea’s apartment. Truth is she could not have made such a quick recovery …that is just my opinion.

  6. The Clintoon’s are a nightmare. The film of Hitlary on 9/11 looks more like an arrest than a health emergency. Why are her hands held behind her back during the whole crisis? The woman’s knees buckled when she realized that she is going to jail.

  7. “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

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