The reaction to the news that US troops are coming home from Syria and Afghanistan has been stunning to behold.

by axolotl_peyotl

TPTB/MSM have a significant portion of the population drowning in cognitive dissonance, conditioned to support the genocidal ambitions of the military industrial complex.

I’ve never seen anything like this.

Just like how TPTB blinded people with “hope” during the Obama administration, they are similarly blinding folks with “hate” over Trump, which almost completely prevents a rational dialogue about these issues from taking place.

The Mockingbird MSM has unabashedly fallen victim to these morbid obsessions, as their hatred for Trump and their obsession with Russia is causing them to lose all credibility on the world stage.

For example, when discussing the news about troop withdrawal from Syria, NPR was aggressively spinning this story as “making Putin very happy” and “being fantastic for Putin.”

When someone (a caller or guest) expressed doubt about this, the host, exasperated, said something like “but, but…someone heard Putin say he was happy!”

NPR should be ashamed of themselves for perpetrating these Mockingbird Media narratives. Here’s Putin’s actualresponse:

Putin says “I do generally agree with the President of the United States.”

According to the NPR “news” story, I was expected Putin to be cackling with glee. He’s not.

Here’s the crazy thing: If Putin really is trying to cause destabilization in the US, he’s doing a piss poor job compared to the Mockingbird MSM.


Who cares what Putin thinks?? Stop inserting him into every story. You are fostering and perpetuating bona fide xenophobia and should be ashamed of yourselves.

I would imagine that it strokes his ego on a daily basis to see such hysterics from the Western media apparatus (same with Trump!).

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Ending these interminable operations of the military industrial complex’s war machine may be one of the most significant events of our time (if Trump stays true and is successful in this endeavor, and that’s a big if). The fact that this was immediately twisted to evoke the “big baddy” Putin is so obviously propaganda from the military industrial complex that it’s stunning.

In addition, so many otherwise rational folks are in unison with these TPTB-mandated talking points that I’m starting to wonder just how deeply these individuals have been conditioned by the war machine and the MSM…and if they can ever get out.

One of these talking points is that “I support withdrawing troops, but not without a plan first!”

Fuck that. That’s the military industrial complex’s wet dream: more artificial timelines and “plans” that can be milked for eternity, especially once a new president is picked that will “play ball.”

Another pernicious way the population has been conditioned is to resist or be suspicious of every decision Trump makes, even if it’s a good one.

I see so many folks uttering the disclaimer “I hate Trump, but…”

This is the perfect example of just how bad this propaganda has become when we can’t even talk about shit we need to accomplish without first distancing ourselves from Trump.

For example, it’s unconscionable that hemp was still illegal to grow in the US in 2018.

If Obama had very simply signed an executive order to reverse such a moronic and antiquated policy, he would have been lauded as a hero.

Instead, there are currently zero stories about hemp legalization on /r/news and one on /r/politics, and the response has been so muted that it’s practically deafening.

Granted, the neocons in the Trump administration are certainly still cause for concern, but until Trump tries to start a war with Iran or someone else, their presence doesn’t seem to be cause for immediate alarm (again, time will tell on this point and others).

Perhaps even more astonishing, I see throngs of folks lamenting the resigning of “Mad Dog Mattis” because…he disagrees with Trump?

Mattis is a career war hawk and represents everything that’s wrong with the rampant and insane military industrial complex. His departure should be greeted with resounding cheers and celebration from everyone who loves peace and abhors genocide.

Instead, the once burgeoning antiwar movement that arose during the 2000’s has been entirely turned on its face, as so many people have been brainwashed to believe the claims of the career politicians and the military fat cats.

While Obama was the perfect catalyst to extinguish the antiwar movement, Trump seems to be playing a new role of causing cognitive dissonance, but on the opposite end of the spectrum of Obama. Whether Trump is a useful idiot or a bad actor in this regard remains to be seen, but this issue is largely irrelevant with respect to the damage being done.

This hatred for Trump is becoming so emotionally visceral that it’s practically impossible to have rational and constructive conversations about these issues.

I can only assume that these disturbing trends are going to get worse before they get better, though that does seem hard to imagine!

Bring the US troops home now, end the military industrial complex’s endless war machine, and end the Drug War!

I don’t care who does these things…I just care that they get done.



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