The Real Legacy of John McCain: Neoconservative Warhawk, Open Borders RINO, Failed Presidential Candidate, Trump Hater, Steele Dossier Courrier, and the Reason We Need Term Limits

by Bob Shanahan

Republican Senator John McCain died on Saturday at the age of 81. While the nation mourns the loss of this great patriot and independent Republican politician and failed presidential candidate, I implore you to remember him for the warmongering RINO he really was.


I pray for his family and their loss. Any death is a tragedy. But let’s not get carried away by viewing McCain as a war hero who should be mourned by all Americans. He was a dangerous and destructive element of our Washington DC political establishment.  


McCain is regularly called a maverick for bucking his own party and hailed as a great American since he was shot down over Vietnam, becoming a prisoner of war before embarking on his 35-year political career.


Rachel Lu wrote a fawning article on the Arizona Senator in The Week over the weekend, calling him “a great American” with “a sweeping vision of America’s role in history and in the world.” It’s amazing how the mainstream media now loves McCain since he is anti-Trump and essentially a Democrat in everything but name.


As then-presidential candidate Donald Trump put it, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.” The seeds of McCain’s anti-Trump bias were sowed then and got worse over time as Trump marched on to the White House to the dismay of McCain and other RINO and Deep State operatives fearing their loss of power in DC.


Let’s remember McCain for the failed presidential candidate he was. Remember when he traveled the country in his bus called the “Straight Talk Express” in 2000? No wonder he lost to George W. Bush?  Remember 2008, when, as the GOP’s 71-year old presidential nominee got pummelled by an unknown 40-something year-old senator from Illinois running on hope and change? Remember his disastrous selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate? Remember his scuttling of the repeal of Obama’s signature law, the Affordable Care Act? Remember his unflinching desire to bomb Iran and arm Syrian terrorists?


He was not a remarkable American. He was a neoconservative warhawk, open borders RINO who is only famous for being a prisoner of war turned long time politician.


Investigative Journalist, Laura Loomer, formerly of Project Veritas, summed it up best in a recent tweet: “Cancer sucks and death is tragic. But let’s not pretend like John McCain is a Republican hero. He has been very destructive to the Republican Party. He has actively worked to sabotage @realDonaldTrump, and he has spent his final days creating division in the Republican party.”


John McCain, Warhawk


John McCain was incapable of saying no to a war. He wanted to bomb everyone. He was a staunch supporter of the worst foreign policy decision in American history, the 2003 invasion of Iraq. He was all for the bombing campaign in Libya. He supported Syrian terrorists and wanted to oust Assad. He loves the indiscriminate Saudi bombing of Yemen. He wants to bomb the hell out of Iran. His pro-war record knew no bounds and he would have likely started a war with Russia if he was ever elected president.


Jon Queally, staff writer at Common Dreams, summarized this warmonger’s rhetoric and policies over the years with some tweets from anti-war activists speaking the truth about this destructive maverick.


McCain’s “pro-war record includes aggressively pushing for the illegal invasion of Iraq by the United States in 2003,” Queally writes. Instead of viewing McCain’s legacy as promoting everything that is wrong with American foreign policy, the media continues to mourn the death of a patriotic war hero instead of being objective about the neoconservative cancer he really was.


Anti-war activist CodePink’s Medea Benjamin, who is well versed in McCain’s policies over the years, offered “condolences”


Jon Schwarz looked at the senator’s death from the point of view of the millions of people in wartorn countries that have been touched by McCain’s deadly policies who obviously do not mourn the death of this “true American patriot.”


In McCain’s mind, America can do no wrong. We must spread democracy and freedom wherever possible. We must change the regimes of anyone that dares disagree with the American empire. His direct intervention in the Syrian Civil War is the ultimate example of his reckless foreign policy. He met with and supported ISIS-linked terrorists in Syria because he wanted to destroy the Assad regime and create another terrorist safe haven like we did in Iraq and Libya.


McCain also still thinks the removal of Saddam Hussein in Iraq made the loss of American lives and treasure well worth it. No matter that he didn’t possess weapons of mass destruction. We have to spread democracy to the world, even in places where more people believe in Sharia law! A 2013 Pew Poll revealed that the Middle East clamors for democracy while also supporting the imposition of Sharia law and severe punishment for those who leave the faith. In Egypt, nearly three in 10 Muslims viewed suicide bombings as situationally justified.


In his May 2018-released book, Restless Wave, McCain states that if the U.S. had known that Iraq lacked weapons of mass destruction the war would not have been justified, but goes on to claim that overthrowing Saddam Hussein and replacing him with a “rudimentary democracy” would still have been a just cause.


There is no military intervention around the world that McCain would not endorse. In Libya or Syria, the U.S. military can solve any third-world country! Nation-building is the go-to strategy for McCain, who thinks America can do anything it puts its mind to, ignoring the decades of evidence that proves we cannot. In fact, American military might only make things worse with our catastrophic examples from Afghanistan to Iraq and Libya.

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Back in 2013, McCain travelled to Syria illegally and met with terrorists backed by the U.S. He took pictures with the bloodthirsty leaders of the “rebels” and who have since been proven to be in ISIS or have links to ISIS and al-Qaeda. The Arizona maverick of course received no criticism for this open violation of American law and support for terrorism. And yet, when U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard and former Rep. Dennis Kucinich met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad after having traveled to Syria in order to tour the country and see the realities of the destruction the war, both were ravaged in the press.


He literally met with ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi! The pictures are included in this article’s cover photo and in a twitter link above.


John McCain, Open Borders RINO


Back in 2013, McCain and Sen. Chuck Schumer, with six other senators including Sens. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., Marco Rubio, R-Fla., Dick Durbin, D-Ill., Michael Benet, D-Colo., and Robert Menendez, D-N.J., worked together to craft a bill that would have granted amnesty to almost 12 million illegal immigrants, costing taxpayers trillions of dollars and surely encouraging more illegal immigration in the future. This MSM-applauded Gang of Eight bill died in a Republican-controlled Congress, yet it signalled McCain’s outright preference for open borders despite representing a border state in Arizona.


Last August, McCain wanted to bring the Gang of Eight bill back and provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants with his pal Senate Minority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer. This is one of many examples of McCain trying to thwart President Trump’s America First agenda, bringing amnesty back in vogue. Why he ever thought this would get anywhere under the Trump administration is anyone’s guess. Trump’s promise to build a wall has been regularly dismissed by Senator McCain who said it would do nothing to stop illegal immigration. But granting amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants who failed to play by the rules and broke federal law would stop illegal immigration?

Let’s face it, John McCain is a party-dividing RINO, especially when it comes to immigration. He thinks the GOP is on the “wrong side” of progress, as he writes in his new book, and attacks Iowa Congressman Steve King, a strong proponent of border security and Trump’s America First, Build the Wall agenda.


John McCain, Failed Presidential Candidate


We luckily dodged a bullet with John McCain not becoming president. He failed in 2000 to defeat George W. Bush, going on to endorse his opponent. His time finally came in 2008 when he faced freshman Illinois Senator Barack Obama, the “hope and change” candidate. But ten years ago, the then 71-year old McCain was soundly defeated by a two-to-one electoral college margin. McCain selected the incompetent and embarrassing Sarah Palin as his running mate, which sealed his epic defeat.


Although, we can still thank McCain for ushering in the Obama administration. Because, as I’ve posited in the past, without the lurch to the left, acceleration of sanctuary cities, and rise of identity politics under Obama, we would not have a President Trump today.

John McCain, Trump Hater and Steele Dossier Courrier


Throughout McCain’s dying days, he continued to divide the Republican Party and do everything he could to bring Trump down. He has obviously failed but let’s remember the integral part he played in starting the witch hunt that is the Mueller investigation.


In January 2017, McCain passed the wholly unverified Clinton/DNC-funded Steele dossier on Trump to then-FBI director James Comey. He did this in a desperate attempt to oust Trump from office and get the Mueller investigation going. McCain failed to know where the dossier originated, making him a clueless idiot, or knew exactly where it came from and knew it was totally made up, making him the indisputable proof of the existence of the anti-Trump Deep State plot to remove a duly elected president from office. Alleging contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow, McCain views Russia as the ultimate boogeyman and jumped at the chance to dethrone the Donald and connect him with the Vladimir Putin.


McCain shows zero regret for doing what he did, writing in his book, “I did what duty demanded I do … I discharged that obligation, and I would do it again. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell.” You first, John. I’ll meet you down there.


Before I conclude, here is some additional reading material that will upend the John McCain is an honorable patriot who should be mourned for by all narrative from Signs of the Times


“An objective view will come down decidedly on the side of warmonger. Wherever McCain traveled, death and destruction soon followed,” SOTT writes.


John McCain, Why We Need Term Limits  


The fact that John McCain remained a topic of conversation into his 80s proves that we desperately need term limits. No one should be in office as long as he has been. An old, doddering man well beyond his prime, a neoconservative warmonger to the core, open borders RINO, anti-Trump Republican should not be revered in the way he has been since his death.


I feel for his family and their great loss. I pray for his wife and his family. But let’s stop pretending like this is a great loss to our country. He is a relic of the old Republican guard. This is Trump’s party now. Our country is better off without McCain. I apologize if this comes off as cruel or ill-timed, but the truth about John McCain must be told so we can remember him as the dangerous warhawk he really was.


According to a report by the New York Times, Vice President Mike Pence was invited to the memorial service. Unsurprisingly, President Trump did not get an invite.  


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Bob is a freelance journalist and researcher. He remains forever skeptical of the mainstream media narrative and dedicated to uncovering the truth. Bob writes about politics (in DC and CA), economics, cultural trends, public policy, media, history, real estate, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and geopolitics. Bob grew up in Northern California, went to college in Southern California, and lived 4+ years in Seattle. He now lives in sunny Sacramento. His writing also appears in Citizen Truth and has been posted on ZeroHedge and Signs of the Times.


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