The Role of Fear-Relaxation Strategies in the Control of a Population

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By Chris Black

In just 16 minutes, this video essay manages to gather a high density of ideas, which capture very well the situation we are in, but also the escape routes.

“The masses have never been thirsty for the truth. They move away from evidence they do not like, preferring to worship an error if the error seduces them. Whoever can give them illusions is easily their master; whoever tries to destroy their illusions always ends up as the victim of the crowd. ” (Gustave Le Bon)

Hannah Arendt considered totalitarianism an attempt to change human nature itself. Through illusions, the subjects of a totalitarian regime return to the childish status of blind obedience to politicians and bureaucrats. But it is also a self-delusion to convince the ruling class or the scientific elite that they have the ability to control and improve society as a whole, by regulating the smallest aspects of life. So, a society that has lost its freedom is the meeting between abusive psychopaths and sick victims.

The first stage of this “rape of the mind” is fear. Because subject to intense or lasting fear, the individual or group is likely to give in to a blindness of madness. For more efficiency, an alternation between terror and calm will be used. But each period of relaxation is followed by the fabrication of an even more intense fear.

“Each wave of terror creates effects more easily, after a short pause, than the previous episode. Because people are still troubled by the previous experience. Morality is declining more and more and the effects of each propaganda campaign are getting stronger. The message reaches an already fragile audience. “ (Joost Meerloo)

As confusion grows among the population, power propagandists will be able to use more and more incoherent messages and more blatant lies, even when contradictions become apparent to a clear mind.

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“Logic can be answered with logic. But lack of logic, no,it only confuses those who think. A big lie and monotonously repeated nonsense catch better than the call to reason. When people look for a reasonable counter-argument to the first lie, tyrants can assault them with a new one. “ (Joost Meerloo)

Unlike the old regimes, whose messages/propaganda only sporadically reached the ears and eyes of the masses, the current regime has the advantage of technology, which delivers propaganda in a  much more attractive way (Netflix, Hollywood etc.), and it’s more intelligently aimed at creating addiction, pleasure. The user is eager to consume propaganda constantly and in large quantities, because the it fascinates him. Technology separates people from their natural environment, and nullifies their breaks for self-reflection and conversation. Technology delivers semi-prepared answers, prefabricated impressions, and makes people live in a bubble of fake reality, a Matrix if you like.

An additional step in streamlining mass manipulation to the point of collective psychosis is the isolation of the individual via destruction of natural social interactions. Note: The book “Rape of the Mind” is written in 1956 by Joost Meerloo (who died in 1976), i.e.  not after the “lockdown” (the house arrest of entire countries) or social distancing and mask mandates.

A key factor in controlling the masses is the isolation of sceptics who cannot be manipulated and/or refuse to comply. That’s why lockdowns came along with a wave of censorship – site closures, deletions of accounts on social networks, deletions of interviews, documentaries, fines for disobedience in public etc.

Isolation and repetition also play an important role in classical training, being observed by Pavlov in the famous experiments on dogs, for acquiring the conditioned reflex.

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Subjected to this bombardment of fear and irrationality, in a state of uncertainty and confusion, the masses long for the orderly world they knew. (the promise of a “return to normalcy” fits perfectly here if they accept to be vaccinated with gene altering mystery substances).

 In exchange for regaining peace, the masses must relinquish their freedom, responsibility for their own lives, and become submissive subjects to the new world order.

“Totalitarianism is man’s escape from the frightening realities of life, in the virtual womb created by leaders. The actions of individuals come from this womb – from the holy of holies. Man no longer has to take responsibility for his actions. The order and logic of the prenatal world reign. It is peace and quiet, the peace of full obedience. ”

The path back to mental health begins with restoring order to one’s own mind. The truth is stronger than the fictions made by tyrants.

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