THE RULING CLASS IS CONSISTENTLY TONE DEAF: New York gov: My daughter got used to wearing sneakers, your kid will get used to wearing a mask.

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Grim. And out of step with her own party, which has been trying harder lately amid the many reports of children suffering during the pandemic to signal that it’s putting kids first now. Pop quiz: Which firebreathing Republican governor recently said this?

“I’m very, very sensitive to this, the learning opportunities that are lost because kids are not safely in school, the challenges of going online,” [the governor] said when asked this month about distance learning. “My son, we had fits and starts, he’s in and out of school, said, ‘Please, Daddy, no more Zoom school.’”

“I hear that echoed all throughout the state…,” he continued. “It’s really a critical, top priority for us to keep the schools open.”

Ron DeSantis? Nope. Gavin Newsom.

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In fairness to New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, most of her state’s schools are open now. And students in Newsom’s state continue to mask, putting him and Hochul on the same page in terms of precautions in the classroom. But even so, her tone towards the end of this clip is jarring given the attention paid by the media lately to the pandemic’s heavy toll on children. “Kids are resilient” has become a dark punchline among anti-restriction conservatives to mock the left’s cavalier attitude towards sustained COVID hardships on their sons and daughters.

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