The Russiagate Hoax full evidence – a pure scam initiated by the Clinton Campaign in 2015 and now continued for Arms Company profits

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Absolutely NOBODY with a still functioning brain who is not a paid liar ever believed the Russiagate Hoax, which was started by the Clinton Campaign in mid 2015 to cover up her corruption and is now still being pursued to ensure there is no improvement in US-Russia relations as this would be detrimental to the profits and power of the Military Industrial Complex and the private arms companies.

Who cares about wasting taxpayer funds or how many people get killed in the ensuing conflicts, caused by the War Profiteers pushing lies about Russia?
The criminals inhabiting the Imperial City of Washington DC and their owners and sycophants in New York, have never cared about those sort of  things before.

Just because the fake liberal, aka Neoliberal, aka Neocon Globalist Fascist, media endlessly repeat evidence free lies about Russia and Russiagate does not make the lies any more true.
Its pure propaganda and how propaganda works.

The saga was kicked off in earnest when Wikileaks released incriminating emails from the DNC servers at the DNC’s Philly convention in July 2016.
The DNC, the Establishment Dems and the Neoliberal media had a full court press trying to falsely blame Russia for the leaks to deflect from their massive corruption and their plot to subvert democracy as revealed in the DNC emails.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz and four other senior members of the DNC were fired at the Dem’s Philly convention over their corruption in rigging the primaries for Big Money interests and Hillary.

ALL of the evidence shows that the DNC emails were LEAKED by a DNC insider, who was upset at the Dem Establishment rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders. (See previous articles below.)

The Podesta emails were either obtained via a phishing scam or supplied to Wikileaks by a member of US intel.

NEITHER of them had anything to do with Russia.

Mueller has not charged anyone associated with Trump with “Trump/Russia collusion” because it simply didn’t happen.
Mueller 100% knows this – that’s why he hired a team of Dem tax lawyers almost as as soon as he was assigned as “Special Counsel” for the anti democracy Globalist Establishment’s fishing expedition on Trump, to go through the business affairs of Trump and his close associates for the last two decades or more.

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The fact that Mueller has only been able to charge Manafort and Rick Gates with tax evasion and money laundering going back to 2005, means that Trump is surprisingly clean.
This money was hidden in offshore Cypriot bank accounts and were the proceeds Manafort and Gates got from their lobbying work for Yanukovich (who was subsequently ousted in the February 2014 Coup D’Etat) to persuade Ukraine to turn more towards the EU and away from Russia.
The Podesta Group (John and Tony Podesta) also had lobbying contracts with Yanukovich and Ukraine at the same time for the same work and were working alongside Manafort and Rick Gates.

Mueller also knows that “Russian meddling” in the 2016 election is also a complete fiction.
That’s why he has only been able to lay ludicrous charges against 13 members of a St Petersberg commercial click bait farm, who spent $50,000 on nebulous Facebook ads which had no impact on the 2016 election or public opinion whatsoever, and didn’t change a single vote.

The Russians who Mueller laid his spurious indictments against have now hired American lawyers to challenge the case, which Mueller never expected and has now been caught off guard.
Mueller doesn’t actually have any evidence that will stand up to adversarial questioning.
The judge in the case recently refused Mueller’s request to delay the Discovery process for the Defense which has put Mueller in a very embarrassing bind.

The Spurious Mueller Indictments of 13 Russians Are Part Of The Ongoing  Neocon/Neoliberal War Propaganda Campaign To Demonize Russia

Mueller is a corrupt criminal scumbag who has been covering up the crimes of, and protecting from prosecution, the corrupt and treasonous Establishment for the last two decades (at least).
Mueller should be spending the rest of his life in jail for Treason and Corruption, for covering up 9/11, pushing the Iraq invasion lies, approving the sale of Uranium One to Russia – among many other offenses and felonies.

The fact that Mueller will tell any lie and perform any action to protect the Establishment is why the criminally corrupt Establishment and the Neoliberal Corporate media so enthusiastically supported his appointment as Special Counsel for the Trump Witch Hunt.
It is also the reason Obama retained the Bush appointed Mueller and actually extended his remit, instead of appointing his own pet Democrat after his inauguration in January 2009.
Note that Mueller never prosecuted or jailed a single big bank exec for their numerous multi billion dollar frauds before, during and after the housing price crash of 2008.
But he did send the FBI to help the NYPD beat up, harass and intimidate the Occupy Protestors in 2009.
It is now an established fact that John Brennan illegally and unconstitutionally used the full resources of the CIA and NSA to spy on the Trump campaign and to conspire with the UK’s Neocon government and MI6 to fabricate false smears against Trump in Christopher Steele’s Fake “Trump/Russia” dossier to try and spike the Trump campaign and prevent him from becoming President.

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The latest developments have come from the DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his report on the FBI’s subversive and nefarious plot to try and ensure a Hillary win in the 2016 election and prevent Trump from becoming President.

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Former FBI Director James Comey is completely discredited.
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The Russiagate Hoax. The FBI, NSA, CIA & Crowdstrike haven’t produced a shred of evidence of Russia “meddling” or “hacking” the election.

Shorter Obama: Russia had nothing to do with the email leaks, but we’re going to blame them anyway


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