The “Russian Bot” / “Russian Troll” Hoax by Neocon Globalist Warmongers to whip up anti-Russia hysteria

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To date, I have yet to see ANY credible evidence from anywhere of any significant “Russian Troll” activity on Social Media.
I’m not saying there are no paid Russian government trolls operating anywhere on Western social media, there’s probably a few – like maybe 20 or so operating 100 or 200 accounts.
But there’s no evidence to believe there has been anything more than trivial Russian government activity on American or European social media.
Meanwhile the US, UK and Israeli governments employ 2,000 paid social media trolls each, with each of those trolls operating 20 or so social media accounts, to push the Neocon Globalist agenda.

So that’s over 120,000 paid Western government troll accounts, versus the Russians with probably  around a hundred or so (on Western media).

N.B. the vast majority of paid Russian government trolls will be working on influencing domestic Russian social media sites to increase domestic approval of the Russian government.
Just as the US, UK, Saudi and every other sizeable country does.
(Israel is an outlier in this respect because its main priority is pushing disinfo and lies to Western audiences to improve the opinion of Israel among Americans and Europeans. This propaganda is called “Hasbara” and Israel has been doing it for many decades.)

The Hillary Campaign employed an army of paid trolls from David Brock’s “Correct The Record” troll farm. Around $7m was spent by the Hillary campaign on these trolls in 2016.
These trolls are still active, funded by Soros etc., and operating under the new brand of “Share Blue”.

Hillary had zero grassroots support (nobody sane who was not a corrupt criminal supported Hillary in 2016) so she had to buy some fake grass roots “support” on social media.
Hillary had scores of completely brainwashed and ignorant “Celebrities” with large twitter and Facebook accounts pushing out pro Hillary propaganda.

There were literally tens of thousands of grassroots Trump and Bernie Sanders supporters very actively  posting on Twitter and Facebook throughout the 2016 campaign.
Most of these people are still active, but increasingly they are now being labeled as “Russian Bots” or “Russian Trolls” to try and discredit them and their message.

Hillary also had the entire mainstream media spewing out complete BS and lies 24/7 with pro Hillary propaganda (except for Fox News and a few Alt-Media sites which are only watched by GOP supporters and not the Independent or swing voters that decide elections).

In order to believe the “Russian Troll” myth put out by Hillary, the Corporate Dems and the Neocons from the 2016 campaign, you have to completely discard all sense of reality and believe that $4bn plus of campaign ads by the Clinton and Trump campaigns, and Wall to Wall 24/7, 365 days a year, for 30 plus years of socially divisive propaganda by Cable News had less effect on the 2016 US election than $50,000 of nebulous memes and Facebook ads by some Russian commercial clickbait farm (The “Internet Research Agency” based in St Petersburg).

Anyone with a still functioning brain who spends 10 minutes thinking about this will see it is a completely fabricated hoax by Neocon Globalist Warmongers.
Just like the dozens of other hoaxes / fabrications that have been created by the War Lobbyists over the last 20 years and then spread unquestioningly throughout the corrupt, despicable and lying Mainstream Media.

The principle sources of the “Russian Bot” or “Russian Troll” Hoax are:

The Hillary campaign from mid 2015, who sought to smear anyone who opposed Hillary as a “Russian Bot” or “Kremlin Troll”.

Bill Kristol’s, anti democracy, Neocon Fascist front group “Hamilton 68” and “Alliance for Securing Democracy” (sic) whose purpose is to push anti Russia hysteria and Perpetual War.
N.B. if anyone feels the need to include “Democracy” in the title of their institution that almost always means they are ANTI democracy.
See e.g. East Germany, Deutsche Demokratische Republik. This is particularly appropriate to Bill Kristol who is an anti democracy authoritarian Trotskyite, who despises the Western Middle Classes.

N.B. there have since been a couple of other smaller groups set up in the US, also producing completely fabricated disinfo accusing anyone who veers away from the preferred Neocon Globalist narrative as a “Russian Troll”.

The Treasonous Neocon Fascist War Lobbyists at the Atlantic Council and DFR Lab.
The Atlantic Council are funded by the War Lobby – major arms companies (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics etc.), barbaric Gulf Despots who fund Wahhabi Salafi Terrorists and want to escalate the War in Syria and start a war with Iran (Saudi Arabia and UAE), CNAS which is an offshoot or derivative of PNAC and other special interests who profit from War.

The purpose of the Atlantic Council is to prevent Peace and provoke or escalate more conflicts.
If Peace ever did break out it would mean the dismemberment of NATO and devastate the profits of the Arms industry.
Of course everyone else in the entire world would be MUCH better off, but that is of no concern to the Treasonous, Anti Civilization, Terrorist Supporting, Scum at the Atlantic Council and DFR Lab.

Just imagine how much better off the world would be, if the world stopped wasting $tn’s a year on War.

The Neocon Globalists have had an agenda for years of provoking conflict with Russia.
It is unacceptable to the Neocon Globalists that Russia is not a Vassal State of the U.S. Empire but pursues its own independent Foreign and Financial Policy as a Sovereign Country.
If Russia gets toppled, China is next on the list for the Neocon Globalists.

The principle result of Neocon policy for the last 10 plus years, has been to drive Russia and China into each other’s arms as the only way of providing a defense against the U.S. policy of aggression towards them.
Russia and China are now joined at the hip partners in mutual defense, energy supply, military technology, and developing the economies of themselves and of Asia as a whole.

Neocon policy and the Neocon Wars have also wasted $7tn of US Taxpayers money over the last 16 years, which should have been spent on MUCH better things – or not spent at all.

The Neocons are completely insane and completely stupid.
Their arrogance and hubris means they never stop to consider what things look like from the other side of the fence.
The result of Neocon aggression was very easy to predict.
Putin and Xi are not stupid.
In fact they are smarter and more knowledgeable than any leading Western politician there has been for at least the last 30 years.

The U.S. spent 50 years after WW2 trying to keep China and Russia apart, and the Neocons went and drove them together.
Who needs enemies, when you have complete idiots in charge of Western policy as the Neocons and Globalists have been for the last 20 plus years?

The best policy would be to stop all of the current insane warmongering and work on policies of mutual co-operation and Win-Wins between the US, Europe, Russia and China.
But this isn’t even an option on the table for the Neocons.

See also  US involved in assassination of Russian public figures – Moscow

So we have all these insane War Propagandists making up all sorts of lies to stoke up conflict with Russia to boost the War Industry’s profits.
All of the lies are actively pushed by the Neocon Globalist sock puppets in the Mainstream Media, without question.
The current situation is extremely similar to all the lies told by the Neocons in 2002 and 2003 to sell the disastrous invasion of Iraq to a gullible and uninformed public.

Except this time, it is war between Super Powers who have nuclear weapons and one small slip up could result in the end of intelligent life on the entire planet.

We are now near the point of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.
Except the two leaders in 1962, JFK and Kruschev, were rational and knowledgeable people, but the people in the West who control policy, haven’t been for decades.

The Hillary Campaign and Corporate Dems

The Hillary campaign recognized, from its earliest days, that they had a major weak spot where as Secretary of State around 2010, Hillary had arranged the approval of the sale of 20% of America’s Uranium Reserves to Russia in return for massive bribes from the Canadian Oligarchs who owned Uranium One.
This sale was clearly a US National Security issue and should have been barred by the Obama regime.

So from mid 2015 the Hillary Campaign set out to smear anyone who opposed them as “soft on Russia” – (or worse like calling them “Putin’s Puppet” or a “Kremlin Troll”).

This was dramatically escalated when the DNC emails were leaked by a DNC insider and published by Wikileaks at the start of the DNC convention in Philly in July 2016.
The DNC sought to deflect from their massive corruption and their rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders that were revealed in the emails, by creating a mass hysteria against Russia.

The “Russia Bot” myth was then further escalated after Hillary lost the November 2016 election.
Naturally the Corporate Dems did not want to blame themselves for nominating: the worst Presidential candidate in American history. Hillary was:

The most corrupt – see e.g. “Pay to Play” Clinton Foundation money laundering / influence peddling racket.

The most treasonous – see e.g. arming al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists to cause chaos and carnage in the Middle East for Regime Change in Libya and Syria, which recruited hundreds of thousands more terrorists, caused the worst refugee crisis since WW2 and reintroduced Slavery into Libya. How “liberal”!

N.B. The States which Hillary most surprisingly lost in the 2016 election have a record of providing large numbers of American servicemen. Almost everyone in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will know someone who was killed or maimed in America’s disastrous Neocon Wars of the last 16 or 17 years, all of which Hillary supported.
This is not a coincidence. It was a major factor in the 3% or so swing that caused Hillary to lose these states. Trump campaigned on a promise to end the Neocon Wars.
This was definitely a far bigger factor than the imaginary and delusional “Russian meddling” myth.

Hillary was the most Anti American – see e.g. Hillary spending 4 years pushing Obama’s Fascist, Corporate Power Grab disasters, TPP and TTIP (which she still supports, even though she was forced to falsely retract her support in the 2016 Primaries, because everyone could see how disastrous they would be for ordinary Americans).

Or her earlier support of Globalist Trade Deals such as NAFTA, which are NOT “Free Trade agreements” but Protectionist deals for Multinationals and Big Money interests. These deals have completely hollowed out what used to be a thriving American manufacturing base and destroyed millions of well paid Middle Class American jobs.

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So the Corporate Dems were not going to blame their own massive corruption and incompetence for losing the 2016 Presidential election and naturally went immediately to what is now the “Go To” excuse for anything that goes wrong for the Corporate Dems (or the Neocons) – “Russia, Russia, Russia”.

After Trump’s surprise win in November 2016 the Neocon Globalists set out to back him into a corner so he could not possibly fulfill his campaign promise of improving US-Russia relations.

This was a Mass Propaganda campaign using the full resources of the Obama regime (Brennan, Clapper, Comey etc.) plus wall to wall propaganda by the “Neoliberal” (aka Globalist Corporatist Fascist) media and the “McResistance”.

This campaign was backed up by funding from Globalist Oligarchs such as George Soros.

John McCain set out to get the totally fictional and fabricated Christopher Steele “Trump-Russia” dossier published, which MSM had up until then refused to publish because of the severe risk of getting sued for millions of dollars because of the total disinfo, smears and libel contained in the completely fabricated and unverifiable accusations.

McCain did this by obtaining a copy of the dossier from London by his Neocon lackey David Kramer, then arranging a personal one on one meeting with Comey to get a veneer of officialdom on it, and then getting it mentioned in a “Presidential Briefing” produced by Brennan, Clapper and Comey and given to Obama and Trump.
CNN mentioned it and Buzzfeed were stupid enough to publish the whole thing which they are now deservedly getting sued over for libel and defamation by one of the Russians mentioned in the fake dossier.

Obama and Hillary cronies in the US “Intelligence” agencies then produced the laughably fictitious and evidence free “January Intelligence Report” on the non-existent “Russian meddling” in the US election.

The Neocons (like McCain and Kristol) and corrupt corporate Dems like Adam Schiff and Mark Warner have been pushing the Russiagate / Russian meddling, myth ever since.

Bill Kristol’s Neocon Fascist disinfo propaganda front “Hamilton 68”

This is part of Bill Kristol’s anti Democracy, Neocon Fascist propaganda group “Alliance for Securing Democracy” set up under the “German Marshall Fund”.

Whatever made up junk this group produces the entire Neoliberal mass media uncritically reports it as flat fact, even though it is entirely evidence free.

“Hamilton 68” supposedly reports on the twitter activity of 600 twitter accounts it has supposedly identified as “Russian Bots”.
These so called “Russian Bot” accounts actively and frequently tweet using twitter hashtags that are trending in the US.
Hello – that’s how ALL online activists tweet to expand their reach and their follower count!

These so called “Russian Bots” also regularly tweet with messages that oppose the insane Neocon Wars, Hillary and her supporters, and the “Neoliberal” Globalist Fascist agenda of wealth and power transfer from ordinary people to Big Money interests, Corporate CEOs, Oligarchs and other members of the Establishment political and donor class in the top 0.1%.

Hello! EVERY patriotic American wants to stop the insane Neocon Wars that have wasted $7tn, murdered 10,000 Americans and maimed more than 60,000, in insane counter productive wars sold on nothing but lies.

All ordinary people also want to reverse the disastrous transfer of wealth and power from ordinary people to the top 0.1% caused by “Neoliberal” Globalist policies.
Ordinary people want to see an equitable increase in income across all income groups like there was between circa 1948 and 1980.

“Hamilton 68” refuse to identify the 600 active twitter accounts they have labeled as “Russian Bots”.

See also  Russian investigation reveals 240 pathogens discovered in biolabs in the Ukraine, funded and secretly ran by the United States.

In reality the vast majority of the “Russia Bot” accounts (maybe all of them) are real people (mostly Americans) who oppose the policies of the Neocon Globalist Fascists who actively campaign on twitter.
So just about all of them will be real people who voted for Trump or Bernie Sanders in the 2016 election and absolutely hate Hillary Clinton and all that she stands for (as does EVERY sane, somewhat informed, and non criminal treasonous person on the entire planet).

“Alliance for Securing Democracy” comprises a group of the most insane and psychopathic Neocons on the entire planet.
Bill Kristol, Michael Chertoff, Michael Morell and David Kramer (McCain’s Neocon lackey – se above).

Glenn Greenwald wrote a very good article on the members of this group, nine months ago which I heartily recommend people take 5 minutes to read:-

With New D.C. Policy Group, Dems Continue to Rehabilitate and Unify With Bush-Era Neocons

The Atlantic Council and DFR Lab

As mentioned above the Atlantic Council is funded by the War  Lobby, major arms companies, terrorist funding barbaric Gulf Despots, insane Neocon “think tanks” and other interests that profit from War.

The principle agenda of the Atlantic Council is to create more conflicts and wars, and to exacerbate existing ones, for the benefit of the War Industry and their Lobbyists.
This is against the interests of EVERY decent human being on the ENTIRE planet and also against the interests of Western taxpayers who are getting screwed for $tn’s in wasteful and needless government War budgets, euphemistically called “Defense”.

The DFR Lab is a direct subsidiary of the Atlantic Council and is a team of about 10 people, headed up by Ben Nimmo.
DFR Lab produces an endless succession of lies and disinfo. In fact I do not know of anything that they have produced that in any way resembles the Truth.
Almost always it is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the truth.

DFR Lab also includes the infamous liar and traitor Eliot Higgins (Bellingcat) who has zero expertise in omage or any other analysis and who has produced nothing but lies and pure fabrications to push the Neocon Wars since August/September 2013.
Higgins has been online harassing both Partisan  Girl and myself since late 2013 or 2014, because we both called out his ridiculous lies.
This is a good article on Eliot Higgins:-
Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat, Who is He? Everything You Need to Know…

DFR Lab is the source of the disinfo passed to the UK government about Partisan Girl and myself, and then published without question by the UK’s Fake News Neocon/Neoliberal disinfo media.

EVERYTHING in this DFR Lab is false and a complete fabrication.
That includes accusing Partisan Girl and myself of being software bots and not human beings capable of Critical Thinking.
Even the stats about the number of tweets we posted or our reach was totally false and massively exaggerated to make their report more “scary”.
Even 5 minutes spent checking this ridiculous report would have revealed that Partisan Girl has a Blue Twitter Checkmark so is a real live person verified by Twitter and has a huge library of YouTube videos where she discusses various Geopolitical and Syria issues.
I have written over 1,000 articles on my blog since November 2011, the link for which is in my twitter bio and regularly converse with other twitter users supplying relevant information. This is not the hallmark of an automated bot.
Ben Nimmo has been harassing me and following my tweets since late 2017, so unless he is the worst “analyst” on the entire planet he already knew this when he produced the tissue of lies in his “report”.

Short summary of the Atlantic Council’s funding and background on DFRlab

Excellent article about my “relationship” with the Atlantic Council / DFR lab’s Ben Nimmo & his personal Vendetta against me. His personal attacks against me have been running for some months:-

Oh Those Embarrassing Moments: Atlantic Council’s Ben Nimmo Outs ‘Russian Bot’ That Turns Out To Simply Be A UK Citizen Tired Of UK Government Warmongering

The latest Sunday Times propaganda nonsense on “Russian Bots” attempting to smear Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters was produced by Professor Oleksandr Talaveraat from Swansea University who is Ukrainian & has close ties to the Atlantic Council – nothing suspicious about that then /sarc off 

We are rapidly heading towards an Orwellian dystopian authoritarian future where there is blanket Mass Surveillance on everyone, the people in power are constantly pushing Perpetual War, the people in Power and theit sock puppets constantly lie about more or less everything, there is no Free Speech and there is no Free Press, and any dissenters to the Official Narrative are ruthlessly persecuted and harassed.
Some people say we are already there and it is already much worse than Orwell imagined.
I am not going to argue with them.

If you want to reverse the disastrous direction in which we are currently heading, the time to speak up is NOW.
The lies that Theresa May and the Neocon Globalists have been telling about the Skripal poisonings and the Douma False Flag “gas attack” are so ridiculous and obvious that we currently have a Golden Opportunity to wake up tens of thousands of more people, who didn’t previously realize that their governments massively lie to them, pretty much ALL of the time about anything of any significance.

The other thing that we need to do is to reverse the Political Language.
The Neocon Fascists like to call themselves “moderates” and everyone else an “extremist”.

Perpetual War which murders millions of people for Corporate Profits is NOT “moderate”.
Authoritarian Laws such as Blamket Mass Surveillance on everyone is NOT “moderate”.
The systematic removal of Civil Rights in the West and the complete destruction of the Bill of Rights is NOT “moderate”.
The removal of the right to Free Speech and a Free Press is NOT “moderate”.
The harassment and persecution of Truth Tellers and dissenters is NOT “moderate”.
The systematic transfer of Wealth and Power from the people to a handful of Oligarchs with the help of their sock puppet minions in the government and media, that the Oligarchs have boughr, is NOT “moderate”.
The funding, recruiting, arming and training of Wahhabi Salafi Head Chopping Crazies to cause chaos and carnage for Regime Change in the Middle East, which causes blowback with terrorist attacks in Europe is NOT “moderate”.
Causing the worst refugee crisis since WW2 is NOT “moderate”.
Supporting a system of endemic corruption in DC and Westminster, where the politicians work for their donors, directly against the interests and wishes of the people is NOT “moderate”.

WE are the Moderates.
The Neocon Globalist Fascists are the Extremists. Lets start to drive this point home.

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