The Russian Hacking Hysteria Has To Stop Until Actual Evidence Is Brought Forward

by Robert Carbery

The constant hammering of false narratives and widely accepted facts against our president with no evidence to support is becoming dangerous. Trump is not the threat to democracy that the Left has been insisting for the last couple years. The current attempt to delegitimize our duly elected leader is an actual threat to our current system of government.
And the scary thing is people are buying into what the media is selling.
False narratives and fabrication of reality has been a go-to move for the U.S. government and corporate media throughout the years to help bring the country along for a war. But now facts are being accepted that have no root in reality. The Democratic Party is still reeling from its defeat last November and are doing anything they can to stoke the fire that is the idea that the Russians “hacked” our election last year.
There has been a concerted and coordinated effort by the mainstream media since last November to establish this narrative that the Russians were anywhere from influencing our election to hacking it. References are constant to this narrative on Russia that we are supposed to just accept as fact and move along.
Here is a collection of examples…
“Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election” (Yahoo).
“Russian attempts to disrupt the election” (New York Times).
“Russian… interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election” (ABC).
“Russian influence over the 2016 presidential election” (The Intercept).
“a multi-pronged investigation to uncover the full extent of Russia’s election-meddling” (Time).
“Russian interference in the US election” (CNN).
“Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election” (American Constitution Society).
“Russian hacking in US Election” (Business Standard).
With this bombardment of stories about Russia’s involvement in our 2016 election why wouldn’t more Americans believe that Russia helped Trump get into the White House? The Russian hacking hysteria has been kept in the news headlines for months now as the media attempts to keep us in the past while the new administration focuses on moving the country forward.
An incredible 59% of Democrats say that Russia tampered with vote tallies while absolutely no evidence has been presented to support that. Not just that Russia was attempting to influence the election or put out fake news stories to push Americans to lose faith in its institutions but actual hacking and jiggering of vote tallies!
The lies we’ll believe when it’s for “our” side.
The Russian hacking narrative has to stop if we are ever going to get this country back on the right track. Hopefully the Mueller investigation will be quick and put this narrative to rest but I wouldn’t bet on that.