The “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart. It’s undeniable now.

This is coming from Steve Kirsch who used to donate millions to the Democrat Party, that is until he realized they were lying to him about the ‘safe & effective’ vaccines ( which aren’t even vaccines). This list in no particular order. To see full list click the link below

Here is my list of nearly 100 indicators that the “safe and effective” narrative is falling apart.

It is a devastating list.

And for some reason, nobody wants to fact check me on it.

It will take you 42 minutes to read everything which is too long for most people, so feel free to pick and choose what you read to get a sense for the entire list.

This is a “kitchen sink” article listing some of the best examples showing that the narrative is falling apart.

Feel free to create derivative works of this list (e.g., pick your set of the most compelling arguments).

-1 in every 246 Vaccinated People has died within 60 days of Covid-19 Vaccination in England according to UK Government.

-Moderna documents regarding their COVID vaccine trial on animals, obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch, showed that some of the offspring of rats that were injected with Moderna’s mRNA shot developed rib malformations. How do we know this isn’t happening in kids born to vaccinated mothers?

-Read this post about Wayne Root. He basically did the post-marketing randomized clinical trial that the CDC never did. Only 200 people were “enrolled” in his “trial” which lasted just 8 months. The results are stunning: 26 injuries and 7 deaths, but ONLY of the vaccinated. The unvaxxed had no issues at all.

-Wayne Root reported that 33 guests at his wedding who are now sick or dead were all vaccinated. The punchline: virtually all his guests were unvaccinated. So that’s unexplainable. He wrote: “It’s important to note, I’m a conservative talk show host who has warned LOUDLY of the dangers of the vaccine since day one. So, my friends are overwhelmingly conservative and unvaccinated too. Yet the few friends I know who did choose to vaccinate are almost all dead or ill.” And he said, “Among my friends and family who are unvaccinated, not one of them has died or been sick since my wedding eight months ago.” The article has a list of 8 headlines from TMZ of serious injury/death and then he points out: “These were all headlines in one day this week!” So Wayne isn’t just having bad luck. Bad luck is in the newspaper.

-When I looked for anecdotal data supporting the vaccines (stories like Wayne Root’s, but in reverse where it is ONLY the unvaxxed who were dead or injured), I couldn’t find any! Apparently, I am not alone. Perhaps the fact checkers can help find these anecdotesThe vaccine deaths are now simply too massive to keep hiding/explaining them away:

-Teens never die in their sleep. How can this happen two days after getting the vaccine instead of before getting the vaccine?

-Latest UK numbers show unvaccinated have lower mortality for pretty much all age groups.

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-Turbo-cancer is being reported now. It’s impossible to explain. Never been seen before.

-Joel Smalley documents child deaths reported to VAERS. None of these deaths would be considered normal. I’ve written about this extensively in last year: How did these 14 kids die? showing the CDC never explained the unusual causes of death. Now take a look at Slide 9 of my FDA presentation that I made on 10-26-21. Joel and I had the exact same reaction to this VAERS report: we both cried when we read it.

-4X increase in long term disability for airline pilots. The pilots union at a major US airline internally reports a 300 percent rise in long-term disability claims this year among its members, who are nearly all vaccinated. That’s statistically very unlikely. It couldn’t be COVID. What is novel that would have affected most of the pilots? Hmmmm…

-A huge number of people in comedy are dying, 22 since September 2021. These deaths are easy to track since they are in plain sight.

-This is a huge Black Swan event: 5 doctors in Ontario (plus one in Saskatchewan) died within 2 weeks of getting the 4th dose of the vaccine. Here are the stories: First three, fourth, fifth in Ontario, sixth in Saskatchewan. Number of unexpected deaths in 2020: zero (that I know of). These are happening everywhere of course, but are being buried. It would have been buried in Ontario as well, but someone put together the pattern. Notice this isn’t on any mainstream media. “[The] cause of death wasn’t shared in the memo, but how many times have 3 doctors died in 1 week, days after the hospital started administering the 4th shot to staff.” In the Greater Toronto area, there are now 7 deaths of doctors in a two week period. There are normally 0 unexpected deaths like this in a year. All the doctors were vaccinated with a fourth dose of the vaccine. See also: Four doctors in Ontario died right after the fourth dose.

-How can casket makers for child caskets suddenly see a 400% rise in demand right after the vaccines are announced for kids? It’s supposed to be the reverse that happens: a dramatic drop in business. Instead it is the inverse. How will they ever explain THAT one? They can’t so it will never be covered in mainstream media.

-Embalmers are seeing blood clots in over 50% of patients that they’ve never seen in their careers. It isn’t caused by COVID because it only started after the vaccine rollout and the clots are only found in vaccinated patients. So how do the experts explain that?

-Even John Campbell, who is pro-vaccine, admits that a troubling number of unexplained excess deaths are not just happening in the UK: they are happening worldwide. Just listen to the first 30 seconds of this video. Of course, the CDC isn’t investigating anything even though American life insurance companies are reporting deaths that are off-the-charts. The CDC is NEVER going to investigate this. It’s bigger than COVID and they know full well what it is. That’s why they are NOT going to investigate and The NY Times is NEVER going to fault them for this. After all, it’s only the biggest medical cause of death in our history.

-The vaccine injuries of toddlers who are now having seizures cannot be explained. This is now a regular occurrence for 2 and 3-year-old kids to have seizures. It’s only happening in vaccinated kids and most often between 2 and 5 days of vaccination from the COVID vaccine. Doctors are not allowed to report these events publicly (they are not allowed to share on social media or talk to the press) so each doctor thinks it is simply a “one-off” event that is ONLY happening to them. If doctors would be allowed to speak publicly, they would realize the massive pattern. This is why hospitals muzzle the doctors: so nobody finds out. We have multiple reports of these from nurses directly from nurses who are scared that their social media accounts are being monitored. The parents are told that it is just “bad luck” and the parents believe what they are told. So the parents don’t speak out about it either.

-The deaths and injuries are happening in plain view of everyone with no plausible explanation for all the coincidences. All of the events are only happening to vaccinated people, but because the press never mentions the vaccination status of the people who “die unexpectedly,” the public never realizes the pattern:

Think about all the rock concerts that have been terminated or canceled due to medical reasons. Justin Bieber, Santana, … Brett Michaels. They never give the cause as the vaccine so they have to make something up (Santana) or simply refuse to disclose it (Michaels). Someone sent me a list of four other concerts that were canceled within the past few months. This isn’t normal folks. But most people never attend rock concerts in different parts of the country so they never figure it out. Also, Santana cancelled six upcoming concerts to recover from dehydration. All the doctors I talked to said that makes no sense. Worst case he’d get IV fluids and be back to normal in a few hours. So the explanation doesn’t fit. But other celebrities are speaking out on their vaccine injuries such as Eric Clapton, but they aren’t well publicized (Clapton’s video has just 66,000 views as of July 11, 2022).

See the full list with sources here:


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