The Scariest Charts That Wall Street Ignores

WARNING: Last Time We Saw Anything Like This Was Right Before March 2000 & January 2008 Collapses!
Shades Of 2000 & 2008!
November 14 (King World News) – From Jeff Saut, Chief Investment Strategist at Raymond James: Speaking to the short-term direction of the equity markets, we offer this from another brilliant guru – Jason Goepfert (SentimenTrader) – who wrote this last night:
“The S&P’s split personality. Last week, there were a lot of buying climaxes (reversals from 52-week highs) in S&P 500 stocks – 32 of them, which was up from 20 the prior week. There were also a lot of selling climaxes (reversals from 52-week lows), 17 of them, which is highly unusual in a week when there were so many buying climaxes. Usually there are many of one or the other, not both. The only time we’ve seen so many of both kinds of reversals, showing a highly split market, was in March 2000.”
Remembering: Ben Bernanke, on Subject of Inverted Yield Curve, in 2007


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