The Science Says It Made a Breakthrough on Male Contraception

by Chris Black

“Male birth control” is being promoted by the vaginal establishment as an “equality” project.

Women won’t ever actually stop taking birth control, but good little goy men will take this “male birth control” to prove their submissiveness to women.

This is totally dehumanizing and it is probably going to cause serious fertility problems for men in the same way that normal birth control causes fertility problems for women.

The whole concept of “birth control” is so nasty and anti-human and in fact anti-life.

Throughout all of human history, children have been considered the greatest joy.

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Imagine any other species of living thing saying “oh no, I’m pregnant! What a tragedy!”

Building a society around hating children is something only Satanists could have done.

 No one else, no matter how badly intentioned, ever would have thought of this.

Fun fact: do you know who invented the contraceptive pill?

Gregory Pincus. Now, guess his ethnicity.

Every single time, right?


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