The Science Wants to Genocide Grey Squirrels with Oral Contraceptives

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by Chris Black

Wait, so distributing birth control is a way to commit a genocide?

I wish someone would have told me that before I gave women the right to vote.

The Guardian:

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Oral contraceptives for squirrels are working, research has found, and the government hopes they can be used to keep populations down in the UK.

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Grey squirrels are an invasive species in the UK, introduced from North America in the 1870s. They pose a problem for wildlife including endangered red squirrels, which they outcompete. They also carry a disease called squirrelpox that does not affect them but can kill reds.

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They were originally used as an ornamental species to decorate the gardens of stately homes, before the damage they caused was realised and their release was banned in the 1930s.


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