The Senate Intelligence Committee is one of the most politically corrupt committees in congress.

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An excerpt:

The Senate Intelligence Committee is one of the most politically corrupt committees in congress. This is the committee where:

•Dianne Feinstein was Vice-Chair in 2016, and her former staffer, Dan Jones, is heavily involved in Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele. [See Here] By position Feinstein was on the Gang-of-Eight during the 2016 CIA, DOJ and FBI Counterintelligence Operation. The same Feinstein that arbitrarily released the testimony of Glenn Simpson in 2018 without discussing with anyone [See Here]

•Mark Warner took over as Vice-Chair in 2017 and was involved in covert attempts to contact Christopher Steele [See Here] By position Warner is currently on the Gang-of-Eight, and participated in the DOJ-NSD, FBI and efforts of the Mueller investigation. The same Mark Warner who demanded the FBI and DOJ must not comply with document production for congressional oversight [See Here]

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•Richard Burr was/is the Chairman of the Committee and was an active participant in all of the CIA, DOJ-NSD and FBI operations past and present. Not accidentally Burr and Warner wrote a committee report supporting the Russian Collusion Narrative.

The entire committee has been transparently compromised for years. Even James Comey refused to meet with the committee. If you review the names on the committee you will note the alignment of Never-Trumpers and secret Sea Island meeting participants. So it doesn’t come as a surprise to see the DOJ looking into unauthorized releases of information coming from within the committee and/or staff connected to the committee.

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Hannity was right. This is going to be deep.

John McStain is on this committee …

Current list:


Richard Burr, North Carolina, Chairman.
Jim Risch, Idaho.
Marco Rubio, Florida.
Susan Collins, Maine.
Roy Blunt, Missouri.
James Lankford, Oklahoma.
Tom Cotton, Arkansas.
John Cornyn, Texas.


Mark Warner
Diane Feinstein
Ron Wydon
Mark Heinrich
Angus King
Joe Manchin
Kamala Harris

Ex officio:

Schumer, McStain, McConnell, Jack Reed

The loudmouths. We are getting closer.


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