THE SILENCE OF “THE RIGHT:” Why Do We Have to Turn to Leftwingers Like Tim Pool and Brett Weinstein to Hear Challenges to Leftist Mob-Rule that Paid Members of the “Conservative” Media Should Be Offering Themselves?

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I wonder how long they think this can go on, as we ignore the official organs of the pseudo-right and instead turn to left-wing truth-tellers.

Andy Ngo’s first person account of being attacked by a government-supported black-clad paramilitary is worth reading.

Ngo spoke with Brett Weinstein, both discussing their own stalkings by the leftwing mob. In both men’s cases, the leftwing mob was supported by the local police. Brett Weinstein, if you’ve forgotten, was told that the Evergreen State College police had been ordered to stand down, even as baseball-bat mobs were actually, literally hunting him on campus.

By the way, Ngo’s speech seems affected by his attack. He speaks fluently, but he takes long pauses sometimes. Maybe his brain needs time to organize itself periodically.

If you don’t want to listen to the full discussion, John Sexton’s recap notes some of the most important quotes.

Listening to that interview, I was referred to this great Brett Weinstein speech from 2018, about what Social Justice Warrior terror is all about.It’s even better, I think, than the Ngo interview. He breaks down what antifa/the SJW movement is, and its various pieces — from the dupes who think they’re just joining a “pro-equality” movement, to the people running it, who, he notes, are not looking for equality, but actual black (or gay, or trans) supremacy, simply reversing Old Jim Crow into a New Jim Crow, to the “allies,” who are really subordinates who agree to act as Second-Class Citizens to make up for past injustices, to the grifters, to the opportunists who think they can profit politically or economically from aligning themselves with the blackshirts, to the cowed and frightened masses who offer some public support of them just so they won’t be targeted next, etc.

He is not shy about calling things by their proper names, either.

One point he makes very early — but does not elaborate on, alas — is that he finds the humorlessness of the SJWs and antifa types to be a big red flag or tell. He notes that humor is how rational people begin processing contradictions in their thinking and ironies and uncomfortable truths -but the zealots of the SJW movement and antifa are completely devoid of humor, either because they were born without it or they have brainwashed themselves that there are no contradictions in the SJW supremacy movement at all, and that to even acknowledge such with an ironical joke would be a ThoughtCrime.

It’s an interesting idea — but like I said, he just says it in even fewer words than I did and moves on. I’d like to read more on that idea.

Another point he made: White “allies” are expected to break the law on behalf of the black supremacists they’re serving, I guess because their “White Privilege” should be used oh behalf of The Struggle, and this will keep their black supremacist masters from getting into trouble themselves.

I wonder if this sort of idea underlies the Pasty White Fatty-Fatty-Boom-Booms and mentally-ill droogs that make up the rank-and-smelly ranks of antifa.

Bookmark this for your future listening. It is Strange Times we live in, indeed, when a leftwing guy is bolder, more insightful, more incisive, and more courageous on this point than 99% of the alleged “conservative” media writers.

Now, Brett Weinstein provides, inadvertently, a partial defense of “conservative” media cowards. He notes his own background as a lifetime progressive and also as a Jew insulated him from defamatory attacks meant to make him unemployable as a racist. He notes that this sort of smear is routinely deployed by SJWs to get people to knuckle under.

And I guess that is a partial defense of conservatives and non-minorities, who cannot say “I’m a progressive” or “I’m a minority” in response to this ceaseless smearing.

But it’s only a partial defense. At this time, only a fucking idiot would not realize the game going on here, and, while people who don’t have careers as writers and alleged “thinkers” (and thus no media presence) should still be afraid to speak the truth, I’m not sure how that lets our various cowards off the hook.

If you have a job as someone paid to offer his true insights into cultural and political turmoil, and tens of thousands of readers, and a paid gig at a “conservative” outlet — what is your excuse, I wonder, for being so easily cowed?

Shouldn’t you be willing to take some of the heat that the leftist maniacs would otherwise visit on citizens without a megaphone?

That was Andrew Breitbart’s philosophy — “I take the heat so that others won’t have to.”

And that’s why people loved him, and why people are disgusted with our current go-along-to-get-along cucks and cowards, the grifters and the opportunists, the check-cashers and clock-watchers which currently dominate, and I do mean dominate, the top positions of “conservative” media.

Obviously I don’t mean warriors like Michelle Malkin or Colonel Kurt Schlichter. I mean the people you’re already thinking of, the people who take the position that “this culture war is so beneath me” and “Let the Garbage People be savaged by antifa until they’ve learned enough manners to mix with the Civilized People of the nominal right.”




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