The Stocks Soaring While America is slipping into a Mad Max World

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The Stocks Soaring While America is slipping into a Mad Max world
The stocks are up. Yet fundamentals are worse than the Great Depression. And the Circus continues.

The Fed bought the open with both hands and feet. It is all Rigged!
These markets are a front-running operation run by AI algorithms.
Rome is burning; That’s good for 100 points on the S&P.
This is the sickest thing I have seen in this Ponzi fraud ever. Every major city in America is being set on fire and looted. Forty million unemployed. And they just keep pumping this Ponzi scheme in everyone’s face.
Further proof of how disconnected the stock market is from reality.
As Americans get out of bed this morning, they are not going to give one damn about the market. They’re going to find out that their nation has literally burned to the ground.
The financial sector Wall Street is COMPLETELY disconnected from the REAL economy: People riot in the streets, millions of middle-class people in the US lost their job and income, but the stock market skyrockets. 2021 is 1984 on steroids.
The true “looters” are in the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, and the Military-Industrial Complex. Their minions are the ones dressed in black and breaking windows, throwing firebombs, and inciting protesters to riot. People know who the real thugs are, and they wear suits and uniforms!
Now you understand that the short downturn on Wallstreet was simply all part of the plan, and the rich get richer.

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