“The Storm Is Here…Deep State Exposed”

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Just watched a documentary…

“The Storm Is Here… Deep State Exposed”

A MUST Watch And Share!

Great redpill material!

Confirms tons of information on all the embedded commienazimuzlovers throughout America, Soros, USAID, nonprofits, NGO’s
hitlery, traitors…

Sometimes they go in with humanitarian assistance but most the time under the guise of goodwill These commie thugs lie to Americans to take our taxes funding a foothold to accomplish all their commie regime change shit Under the guise of goodwill.

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THEN they fuckin’ raise taxes cause they need more $$$ for their commie takeover machine but say its for “roads”,

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The Storm IS Here!
Trust The Plan!
No Deals!
These Traitor Bastards Are
Fuckin’ Toast!

God Bless America!
God Bless President Trump!

God Bless We The People!


h/t Jack Daphne




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