The sugar industry is getting screwed by the new Keto diet craze, which bans sugar completely. Now suddenly the magazines are…

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by zenmasterzen3

Now suddenly the magazines are putting fat people on the cover and running stories on how “people have given up losing weight”. Coincidence?

The MSM are bullsh*t us with whatever crap the Government or those with money want us to believe.

More Americans are overweight or obese, but many have given up on trying to lose those excess pounds, a new study shows.

“There’s increasing evidence that adults with overweight may live as long as and sometimes even longer than normal-weight adults, making many question whether you have to take it seriously,” Zhang said.

Giving Up the Weight Loss Obsession

You may want thinner thighs or flatter abs, but how much does that really mean to you? If you’re a model or celebrity, probably a lot. But if you’re like me, an average person making a living and taking care of a family, where do flat abs and thin thighs fit in? Do you need them to be a good parent or employee? Probably not

Cosmopolitan magazine cover criticised for ‘promoting obesity’

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It’d sure be great for all those companies selling sugar water if everyone either didn’t find out about the Keto diet or stopped caring about losing weight.


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