The suppression of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 by the media, politicians, and much of the medical business establishment is one of the greatest scandals of all time.

by Venus230

* Governors banned HCQ early on in COVID (do they ban anything normally? no)

* Fake stories from MSM 24/7 on the dangers of HCQ (untrue) — propaganda

* Suppression of anything HCQ related on youtube, twitter, facebook — controlled propaganda

* Governors sending sick COVID patients back to nursing homes (1/2 of all deaths resulted) when hospitals were empty (far more deaths than 9/11 btw)

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* Highly inflated reporting of COVID deaths (die of anything, report as death from COVID)

* Sudden drop in deaths by other causes, statistically impossible to explain, except re-categorized as COVID

* Switch from reporting on death rate … to reporting of CASES (more testing) … total BS second wave

* Widespread fake positive reporting on states like FL, TX … where testing centers returned 100% positive and eliminated all the negatives to falsely show extreme rates of positive (LIES)


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