The Supreme Court taking on Roe v. Wade is suspiciously timed for maximum outrage and midterm voter turnout.

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by BinyaminDelta

This isn’t a post about the abortion debate, it’s about the timing.

Democrats are facing a BRUTAL midterm election. Everything is shit, gas and inflation are out of control, nobody seems to like Biden. (See his disapproval rating.)

The BLM protests of 2020 needed to be replaced by something else. What is THE hotbutton issue of the left? What would enrage left voters, fuel protests, and give Democrats a last ditch chance in the midterm election?

The Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade right as summer starts.

And this makes me wonder if another hotbutton issue, but for the right, is about to be fast-tracked also: Gun control.

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It occurs to me that if string-pullers could enrage the left on abortion and the right on the Second Amendment all in the same summer, there would be unrest which we haven’t seen since maybe 1968.

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