The telling Kavanaugh moment from the hearing

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by HAESisalie

I watched the entire hearing yesterday. The phony performance from the accuser, the fiery and brilliant outburst from Lindsey Graham, Kavanaugh’s emotional and defiant opening statement etc. But to me the strongest and most telling moment was one I have not seen anyone mention or talk about at all, so I thought I would cover it briefly.

Let me start by saying that if you are a good observer you can see who a person truly is in small moments. Moments that to most people seem insignificant. Moments that seem like no big deal, or moments when no one is probably going to even notice. Moments when if you are putting on an act you may forget to keep your mask in place. You can learn much more in how someone handles those moments, than you do from their virtue signaling or showy displays when everyone is watching.

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That moment came when Sen. Blumenthal was questioning Judge Kavanaugh. He was asking about a stupid remark about a girl who was a friend of Brett and the guys he ran with (football team etc.) which was interpreted to be a sexual innuendo. Kavanaugh had ALREADY expressed his regret for that comment in his opening remarks because it had been trending online, and he hated that the girl/woman was being exposed in this way, and he made it clear there was no sex, and he regretted the remark. Blumenthal, like the scum that he is, even named the woman, and Kavanaugh without any calculated thought on response, immediately interrupted him. “What are you doing?!?!?!?” and defended the woman and chastised the Senator for exposing her that way.

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That is who Kavanaugh is, and that is who Blumenthal is, and who the democrats with him on the committee who thought treating that woman that way was fine are! forget all the phony “we protect women!” They were more than happy to throw an innocent woman with nothing to do with this process into the mud for a slight political cheap point, and Kavanaugh’s instinct was to rush forward and protect her.


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