The Trigger has been pulled, the Crash has begun. How are things going to play out? My take…

We have obviously crossed the threshold folks, things are falling apart by the day and the game of Kick the Can has at long last gone as far as it can. The rest of the World no longer has a choice, the United States is no longer the big bully on the playground who won WWII and their fingers are no longer so firmly around the throat of the planet. The long lunatic nightmare of Bernanke monetary ponzi schemes cannot continue.
It will be interesting to see what their plan is to try and switch the U.S. (and possibly the World) to a new currency system. My take?
There will be an immediate bank holiday across the board, stopping all transactions of any kind in all avenues of banking and stock markets. This will likely happen on a Friday afternoon, and there will be no warning. A temporary state of martial law will be instituted, in which people are told to basically stay at home as though they are taking a sudden ‘cheap holiday’ and things like trucking of supplies of normal groceries and the like will be the only thing still going on under strict military rules, keeping all emergency supplies of diesel available to those lines of credit used for that infrastructure. Military escorts of supply convoys will be the only thing moving on U.S. highways for perhaps several weeks until they restart the engine under the new rules. Police in all cities will be given total freedom to ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ for any deviation from total movement restriction of citizens. Examples will be made, and the media will carpet bomb the public with this message.
The U.S. will lock down the dollar (both digital and paper) to a complicated SDR basket of currencies around the World, the Canadian dollar will figure heavily in this. This will obviously include devaluation across the board of many world currencies, and some of the currencies (like our Canadian dollar) will also be strictly controlled during this time (wanna know why we care so much? 90% of our economy is still directly tied to you Yanks) The U.N. and IMF will be token heads of an emergency council that all countries of the World will have no choice but to agree to (barring a few examples in the Middle East and North Korea, Cuba, a few South American countries, etc).
Debt restructuring will be performed from top to bottom. The 1.4 Quadrillion derivatives bubble will pop like the veritable tree falling in the forest that no-one hears. The wage structure of the entire United States will be chopped off at the knees when jobs are ‘started’ again, and people are going to learn rather bluntly that their standard of living is going to drop by a large margin. Even when financial markets are loosened on the leash enough to make it look like things are ‘running’, foodstuffs and all energy (gas, diesel, natural gas, propane, etc) will be price controlled from that point on. This could be seen as an enforced Socialist military junta rule, which it is, but honestly there really is no choice.
Production of goods will continue by force if necessary, people will clamor to the new low wage positions because they won’t have a choice. It is either that or starve.
Inner cities could collapse entirely during the transition period, the military in all forms will setup blockades around zones in these areas and food rations will be handed over in exchange for firearms and ammunition. It doesn’t even bear mentioning the horrors that await some areas during this period. Within two weeks of supply infrastructure collapse things like rape, murder, and cannibalism will be commonplace. People are exactly three square meals away from becoming savages, it is as simple as that. In San Fransisco there are 17,500 people per square mile, I won’t go into lurid details but let’s just say there will be shoot-outs in the local 7/11 for the last bag of Doritos a lot sooner than most people think.
Slowly but surely ‘zones’ will form, protected areas where people are moved (perhaps forcibly) and live under what seems like a fairly free system but is obviously locked down military camps. Again, is this a bad thing? They aren’t necessarily trying to clamp down control, they have known for many decades the collapse would happen under a fiat currency system and have planned accordingly.
There will be a lot of hardship, a lot of deaths, in a lot of areas of the World and United States things will collapse into ‘One Second After’ conditions where attrition will reduce population drastically over the next several years. The media will cover some of this, but not the true horrors, and it goes without saying that ‘the revolution will not be televised’. This means that the Internet will no longer be free, and when and if an ‘Internet’ is brought back up and running it will be the government sanctioned AOL style system with no freedom of any kind. There will be no anonymous communication, any Internet Service Providers will be under total government control and it will be technically impossible to transmit encrypted packets. As a result communication can be controlled, and when it gets to that point a smattering of free Ham Radio will be the only true source of freedom.
There will be pockets of resistance, even entire States that balk at the new way of things, at first they will be treated with hands off respect but in time they will be forced with simple supply blockades to conform to the new rules. They have the technology, and the patience, and the means to cut off outside supply. There will obviously be a lot of ‘free people’ out there, entire communities where they are self sufficient in every way – but these will be small Colonial technology areas that are visited by smiling officials on a regular basis to let them know the limitations of such existence.
I obviously can’t say exactly when this banking holiday will happen, but I think it is safe to say it is going to happen sometime in the next 18 months for sure, and possibly a LOT sooner than that. They simply cannot keep pretending things are okay for much longer. Anyone who isn’t a Prepper yet, there is still time as long as the stores are open and your debit/credit card still works. Lay low, don’t brag about supplies, and stockpile simple foodstuffs for the time when your family needs to hunker down.
What do you guys think? I have spent my life as an Eschatological High Priest, studying and preparing for the inevitable Crash of our soft Western Civilization. We have lived the easiest life of any Humans in our History, but that ride is about to come grinding to a halt. How do you think the United States (and the rest of the World) will handle the ‘adjustment’ that is in the mail?

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65 thoughts on “The Trigger has been pulled, the Crash has begun. How are things going to play out? My take…”

  1. In regard to the future fate-$cript of Amerika’s dumb-downed, corn syrup pop-ewe-lation… your assessment is basically correckt-ass.
    Rather than being a hard core ‘preper’, I maintain a two-fold $trategy for the inevitable economic collapse of faster poo-food Amerika. One is the real option of possessing a physical and financial escape plan to the Caribbean; this is a last ‘resort’ action plan. The other option is securing the proper ‘documents’ (and ‘costume badges’) that will allow me pass thru police check points without a big hassle. I currently have both.

    • Yeah… “Look, another boat of yankees!” “We’ll easily take their money a gold, as easily as we took this 40 foot yacht from some millionaires”
      Escape an economic collapse? When the FAA warns of a collapse of air travel in case of trimming the US budget by a few billion, you think you going to “escape”? If you ain’t already, you ain’t gonna. Even if you do sneak out, you’re literally appetizers for anything between borders.

  2. Excellent theory and speculation all based upon existing factual situations.
    You wonder “when” and “how” this will come about?
    My speculation on the how and when of this is as follows:
    1. Shortly after Obama visits Israel the US in conjuction with NATO and Israel will take action on Syria.
    2. The resulting attack will pull in many nations prompting retaliatory attacks on Israel and the US. ( US attacks at first limited to terrorist type attacks).
    3. With the US distracted North Korea strikes South Korea.
    4. At some point in all of thia the US suffers a catastrophic military lose. Something so large it has not been seen since WWII…something like the loss of an Aircraft Carrier and all on board.
    5. After the catastrophic military loss the US dollar drops like a rock as the only strength the US dollar has is our military strength.
    6. At some point thereafter we are attacked by scud type rockets fired from nondescript container ships off off the east coast, west coast and the gulf of Mexico all tipped with EMP weapons made in North Korea.
    7. The resulting “One Second After” type of situation is followed by the Russians and Chinese coming to “help” the American people and will be seen by some as liberators.
    8. Then after the smoke clears and much of the US has been taken over and the people subdued (those who survived) a new global monetary system will be set up and a new global system of rule will be in place.
    Suggested immediate course of action:
    1. Arm yourself.
    2. Stock pile food, water, seeds and meds/first aid supplies.
    3. Get in shape.
    4. Learn as much Chinese and Russian that you can.
    5. Get right with God.

    • Wow, where did you get the rubber nose and big clown shoes?
      Why would such a thing happen after a crash? The Soviet Union had a WORLD of enemies, and NOTHING close to that even happened.
      No entity would even bother to attack in such a situation. The US has enough military outside the continent to not only guarantee security, but to easily continue and even start new wars, as well as the internationally-guaranteed logistics to continue them, much as the USSR did when it collapsed.
      By the time any Chinese or Russians came, after a lot of their own domestic politicking, any “crisis” would have long been over. The situation would be readily handled by domestic means, no military would even need “cross the Rubicon” to settle everything before the “crisis” was resolved, likely two weeks before everyday lives were restored. Again, think USSR.
      The idea/wish/dream scenario is so unrealistic I absolutely had to refute…. After resting my spasmically-fatigued belly from laughing.
      Oh, and why learn Russian? A language whose native speakers are disappearing rapidly.
      And your faith in “god” simply reflects your lack of faith in humanity, which seems to handle and overcome its’ own problems, handily.

        • Right….I am assuming that you’re being sarcastic as the USA CLEARLY has pissed off most of the world with their rampant attempts at looting. By the way, we have our own EMPs…unfortunately, they will affect us as well as anybody else that we take into the stone age. They will definitely cut out the ELF waves and all hell will break loose.

      • Its “humanity” which has put us here . most of us are expendable . the herd has to be culled folks . it sounds horrific to most of us . get over your sense of entitlement . you know that one where we decide to kill that cow , the one we re going to eat while we debate world politics and blah blah blah . in a nutshell , we are here to reproduce . the good dna is moving on . the rest of us . kiss your asses goodbye .

    • ” all tipped with EMP weapons made in North Korea.”
      Have you ever seen a night satellite picture of North Korea? It’s dark. It looks just like some of the most undeveloped parts of Africa, South America, and China. Just how do you expect them to build all this infrastructure in the dark?

      • There is this little-known object called “the sun” that might have something to do with it. They might even have places which we have referred to as “indoors” as well.
        Not saying his theory is true, but you didn’t even consider the concept of “a tent” before you completely dismissed everything out of hand.

        • Well, it doesn’t take much of an analysis to show that the state of technology of a region on earth is in direct proportion to the lights you see by satellite at night. Now it may be that N. Korea has a very advanced society and has taken it underground so we can’t see it at night. But I doubt it. I think it’s probably more like we find in parts of Brazil; in China just north of the mountains from India; and in most of Africa. You’ll find lots of beasts of burden doing the burdening in those locales.

          • Well, there’s a satellite image from a few years back that shows the entire eastern seaboard of the US and Canada just as black as coal…and even now, without even the slightest changes to the power grid that we KNOW needed to be done THEN, our “advanced society” could go completely dark at a moment’s notice AGAIN.
            We really need to drop the antipathy towards anything that matters, stop “waiting for someone (else…but NOT ME!) to do something about that…”, and just do what needs to be done.
            We KNOW that the bankers aren’t going to fix the banking system, or the fraudulent currency we “believe is money.” So let’s fix that ourselves.
            We KNOW that the government isn’t going to stop pissing away our money, even though WE HAVE NONE…so let’s fix that ourselves, too.
            The “state of technology” has nothing to do with “the state of antipathy of the people within that state.” That is the REAL sign of an advanced culture: Seeing problems, and rather than spending decades whining that “something should be done about that…I’d do it…but I’ve got more important things to do…”, and actually DOING WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE.
            Oh well…”the REAL crash” is coming…people will understand what we’ve been trying to say eventually…but not until it moves from worse to worst. (Nobody could be bothered when things went from good to fair, fair to middling, middling to poor, poor to bad, or bad to worse…but they “might just clue in” once they lose everything. We’ll see…but I’m not betting on the mental capacity, intellectual tenacity or even the basic morality of the general population, that’s for sure!)

          • Fixing the money system: Agreed … but don’t fix it with something that can’t work.
            Fixing the government: If we fix the money system correctly, we fix the government.
            The real crash “is” coming. Unfortunately, what will result will be worse than what caused the crash. If we could institute a properly managed Medium of Exchange (MOE), we could head the crash off at the pass.

          • Well, most people can’t afford gold at current fiat pricing, so that’s out.
            Most people still remember when silver WAS MONEY, and when it was also pressed into actual, physical currency, so that’s the best bet, I think.
            Canada removed silver in 1967, the US stopped using silver in 1964. Canada stopped using copper in 2012, and they’re in the process of no longer using paper–WHICH ACTUALLY DOES GROW ON TREES–for currency.
            We’d better get doing SOMETHING, and in short order, or it’s going to sneak up on us in our prolonged, deliberate, and wilfully antipathetic sleep…

          • A properly managed Medium of Exchange (MOE) is the quick and permanent fix. That begins by recognizing what money is. Money is “a promise to complete a trade”. Once this is recognized ideas like backing with something scarce or someone’s capital are exposed for their ineffectiveness and additional problems (and opportunities for corruption) they inject.
            The definition of money is obvious when we examine a trade. A trade has 3 steps: (1) Negotiation; (2) Promise to trade; (3) Delivery. In simple barter, (2) and (3) happen simultaneously on the spot. Money allows (2) and (3) to take place over time and space. It is created by traders making trading promises. It’s not “injected” into the economy. And one must recognize that a “rollover” is a broken trading promise. That exposes governments for the deadbeats they are.
            Proper management of the MOE entails: (1) Certifying trading promises;(2) Reclaiming certificates on delivery; (3) Monitoring DEFAULTS; (4) Collecting INTEREST equal to DEFAULTS; (5) Assuring that all trading promises are freely certified at all times in all places (with actuarially appropriate INTEREST collected).
            By the relation: INFLATION = DEFAULT – INTEREST, this guarantees that INFLATION is zero everywhere all the time. It assures that supply of money is always precisely equal to demand for it.
            And most importantly, it eliminates two knobs the current manipulators of our MOE use. Those are the “capital” and “interest” knobs. By manipulating capital requirements and interest rates they have been able to carry on a “farming” operation that has fleeced the entire marketplace of about 1/2 it’s productivity and causes the so-called business cycle.
            Todd Marshall
            Plantersville, TX

    • This is based on too many assumptions, of specific events taking place. Why would the Russians (as one commemter described, is in the midst of a population decline/declining birthrate) or Chinese want to occupy the US?
      As a preparedness writer / consultant myself, I definitely agree with the first three immediate courses of action.

      • They already own a significant and rising chunk of the US. They don’t NEED to “physically invade” at all, as they’ve already financially invaded.
        Think that all of the plants that used to exist in North America have been moved to China “because it makes economic sense to keep them here?”
        There is a REASON that it’s cheaper to make EVERYTHING in countries outside of the US, Canada and most of Europe…and until we care enough to learn WHY, it’s going to keep getting worse.

      • Learn Mandarin. The majority of people are far too content to sit in their couch-flattened asses to EVER do ANYTHING about ANYTHING that actually matters.
        Look around you…next time you’re with anybody you know, bring up something that actually matters, and you’ll see how quickly people spin the conversation to something completely inane…or who say something along the lines that “Somebody (ELSE!!!) really needs to do something about that…I mean…I would…but I’ve really got some heavy shit to take care of this week…I can’t be bothered…”

  3. The problem with the commonly ill-conceived notion that the future is predictable, with some preposterously presumed competence or efficacy, is that reality is infinitely complex in an infinitely manifold way. So, you’ve an infinitely high hurdle to get over, not just once, but an infinite number of times. Obviously, you’re going to miss and land on your face.
    And typically, as a Canadian, you’ve missed on your given assumptions about we Yanks. We’re already cannibals. It’s in our blood, our being so closely related to some of those South American Carib tribes.
    So, pile your Gold high -Oh Canada-! When you’re -Talking to Americans- remember, such a pile of the yellow metal will buy you a small, wet package of human loin or hamburg.
    You may live another day sucking the fetid American teat.
    And those Europeans think they’re innovative -selling hoof-burgers.

  4. I think people will mask how bad it is until their very last breath. Some people will flip out and lose it. Others may protest and even get violent. But all in all most people will just be quiet and suck it up. I doubt the whole grocery stores empty bit. Highly unlikely. Prices will go through the roof, but the grocery stores AIN’T CLOSIN. Gas will go through the roof, but you will still be able to buy it. More people will become poor and desperate. But chaos will most likely be squashed or last less than a week. What is real? Diversify and definitely hold physical and guns and ammo- just in case some dipshit loses his marbles you want to be able to fight back. food? unless we are nuked you can grow your own or stock up. i doubt having a years worth of MRE’s is going to make a difference. I just ain’t buyin’ the Mad Max bit, however, it already feels like every man for himself nowadays.

  5. The Fed is giving $85 BILLION a month to financial establishments as part of its “qualitative easing” …per MONTH ! Thats $285 per man.women or child ..over a $1000 a month per family…why are the Banker etc. getting it ? Why not give it to the “man.women or child” ?
    Is the 1% out to take everything before the collapse of their making ?

  6. As much as I love to speculate along the same lines, this is apocalypse porn after all, there are few examples in history of this kind of total collapse that is perversely fun to think about. I have been caught inside that mental wheel many times and I now believe that if it does go to that extent it will happen after a long period of time, Not weeks or months. I thoroughly believe that leaders will step up that will manage this in such a way as i will be devastating but not cataclysmic. And the people are not going to go feral at the flip of a switch. I thank the Powers That Be that our American compatriots to the south might have the grit they are fabled to have, and will NOT have the weapons to storm Mordor ( dontcha hate fantasy references?) taken from them. One thing for SURE that history shows, and I won’t list the examples, is that an unarmed populace is doomed to servitude. The rest of the world has no written right for weapons and the fabulous gift given to the average American is the only thing that can believably halt the boot upon their face. It won’t take much of a response by a determined force to tyranny to waken the beast that an angry American public I think can become. A few hundred thousand armed and determined, damn the torpedoes full speed ahead few, will effectively route the armed forces and police many of whom will not turn their weapons on their fellow countrymen, and the imported foreign forces won’t last long. I am Canadian and don’t have a gun but I will defend anybody’s right to freedom with the nearest bludgeon I can find. (Place name of deity here) Bless the apocryphal spirit of the America…..

  7. Got a charge out of the San Francisco Dorito scenario. Was at Costco months ago when the food taster kiosk brought some hot meat snack out of the oven and 1-2-3 carts banged against each other and I thought we’re not that far away from a gunfight.

  8. I haven’t completely thought it all out but here’s my take.
    I think 2013 will be more of the same. (While I also feel something will happen soon, historically these things take a long time to play out.)
    The federal government will actually cut spending. (but The Fed will keep printing) The shelves will be stocked with food, but most people won’t be able to afford it. The poor will become poorer, and there will be more of them. The people in hardship will *beg* congress to do something. More cities will declare bankruptcy. 1 or more states have to declare bankruptcy, I think Illinois will be first. Crime will skyrocket, especially crimes against the haves by the have nots. (If you have a job, you’re a “have”) The federal government will take over the failed cities and states by way of martial law. The poor will be shipped to large metropolitan areas so they can be more easily managed. They will probably be microchipped aka national ID. You will need this ID to work, drive, buy, sell, use the internet, etc. I see this all happening progressively / in stages.
    I’m having a hard time thinking what else but nothing else is resonating with me right now.
    Some other notes. I do not predict some kind of massive war. However North Korea and Russia are wildcards. I think Kim Jong-Un wants to make a name for himself, and I think he will nuke South Korea if he has the means to do so. Russia.. Putin is extremely intelligent and is a man of peace. He knows what’s going on in the world regards to a one world government and he is not a part of it. He will not allow it, and he will stop it. He could very well be the savior of the world. Most Americans think negatively of Russia or Putin, but the truth is he just gets bad press thanks to US mainstream media. And another thing that I’m not the clearest on, but there is a strong possibly China’s dominance will grow. They will continue to fund America and buy American businesses and real estate, effectively conquering the US by economic means. China could actually be pressuring the US at present to get our societies to mesh.

    • This is insanity. First of all, there aren’t enough troops to lock down America. I’ve run the numbers so many times that I am sick of them. Even with the FEMA troops (all younger people with little self-control and not much on the ball), there are only about 5 million troops including all the people on the bases, the police, the fat asses at DHS and the contractors. THERE ARE 311 MILLION PEOPLE IN THE USA. There are 20 million veterans. There are 60–200 million weapons. There are 60 million gun owners. DO THE DAMN MATH. If you seriously think that the Chinese are going to walk into that firestorm, I want to smoke what you’re smoking. The Russians have fewer troops than we do. The Chinese have the largest military, but they are not going to attack us as they know what that would trigger.
      I NOTICE THAT THIS CRAP CAME OUT, THE DAY AFTER IRAN SHOT FOUR CRIMINAL BANKSTERS. I wonder why. Here’s the thing. Their day is about to be over. Their desire to CONTROL the rest of us is about to be found as ludicrous as the numbers show it to be. They are selling more stock than they are BUYING…why do you think that is? I think that it is because they expect both natural cataclysms and the end of their “reign.” I don’t know where they can go at this point…everybody knows about the DUMBs, South America IS NOT GOING TO ACCEPT THEM…they found China inhospitable…Europe is in turmoil…I guess that leaves SPACE…I wonder how much Merlot that they can stockpile on the space stations?
      YES, WE ARE AT END-GAME…but it is the end of their game. The numbers aren’t in their favor. And forget Mexican troops…they would be impossible to coordinate and won’t stay on the job very long. Forget Chinese troops, they don’t want to get nuked or EMP-ed. If that was to happen, we would get EMP-ed first to freeze the switches…but that is far from a forgone conclusion since some of the triggers are deep earthed and can’t be taken out 100 percent.
      Here’s what I would say…get the minerals and things required to raise healthy food. You won’t need as much to stay healthy and hale.
      as for this fear porn, yes, we are in for a rocky ride, but I doubt if lockdowns would succeed. They might work long enough for these clowns to flee to temporary safety, but that will not last.

      • You didn’t understand my message. We actually agree more than we disagree. I was saying only the cities or states that collapse will (potentially) have martial law. Obviously the military cannot manage the entire country. I completely agree there are over 80 million gun owners and not even 3 million in the military. My point with China is they don’t have to attack us to conquer us, they just have to buy our businesses – which they have been doing. Can you imagine if China owned several of our largest companies? China is also buying precious resources and farmland all around the world.

      • They have so much technology. Weaponry, that can make your leg muscles useless, and cause you to collapse. They did that already in Iraq. Look up a few Raytheon Patents, for crowd control. Why do you think all the cell towers are popping up, and ground receivers. Those drones, can be as small as bugs, to hover over you and eliminate you. And the laser that can blind you for a bit. How are you planning on seeing your target. I think that too was used in Iraq, the testing ground. Anti-maser shield. Check that out.

    • I have to agree with henrymart. The media hype of the “boogie man” coming for us is nothing more than fear mongering and the majority of Americans fall for it “hook, line and sinker”. Putin is trying to re arm the Russian people and we owe China so much money that they “own” us already. Hitlery and Geithner are both traitors which should be tried for treason and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As for the crash, it is being orchestrated by the banks and Wall Street to strip us of what little we have left and force compliance to the globalists orders.
      Indeed, Putin is apparently the “good guy” in all of this and China is simply trying to keep the bankers from pillaging their coffers as well!

      • Putin realizes there’s a war against Christianity going on. I’m personally an atheist, but shortly after the incident when he had Pussy Riot imprisoned, was I finally aware of what was going on there. The trend in the US lately is to bash Christianity and Putin is not having it.

    • Also one more hunch.. I keep hearing/seeing online talk of a “new civil war” or “new revolution.” I think there will be a serious, violent uprising in the US against the federal government. HOWEVER, much like other times in history, the government will be secretly commandeering the uprising. So be very careful if you decide to join some rebel group. I can see some group starting up, recruiting members, turning violent, then everyone in that rebel group ends up in prison or dead.

    • At that moment in time, Israel wouldn’t be needing your worthless dollars but will probably be using your past welfare cheques to buy up Americans for its porn industries, sex trades, heart transplant business and pedophilia gangs.

  9. Don’t want to wreck anyone’s fantasy but i believe some of this sort of talk is in essence rooted in an ignorance of what id call “real economics” , because the situation is such that the world hit it’s debt limit around 1995 1997 , and it has taken basically this long for the effect to been seen , what put that off was the zeroing of interest rates by Greenspan, now , if its all a “master plan” we would need to be knowing how the “masters” plan to include the other non aligned nations into this “one world” conspiracy, i’m sorry but its too self centered, the US citizen has already seen a 40% drop in net worth can it get worse, well yes it can , turn into a Communist state? well, ha ha i suppose so , but a lot of people will be laughing , because that is the ultimate admission of failure, basically the USA would be a failed state. is it possible , ok yes it is possible, but , the ends don’t even go close to matching the mean = there is no point to it = there is no benefit. (even if you believe its all controlled) Australia.

  10. to explain that a little bit, one needs to understand a Debt money system is based not on “credit” but i.e “debt” (hence the name) this means the issuance of monetary instruments is used as/and real wealth is siphoned from the productive assets of the nation , there is no productivity to be had in a communist style nation , one can’t transition from relative “free state” status to “centralized nightmare” in 2 months and expect the nation to function, more likely, the USA will just see a slow “brain drain” and slowly slip into backwater nation status , with some states doing very well, i do not discount that fact that some individual states may cut deals with nations such as the Russian Federation , but that will be to the benefit of both state and nation , the Russians just aren’t interested in the USA , guys sorry.

  11. “it will be technically impossible to transmit encrypted packets.”
    It will always be possible to embed encrypted content in any transmission. It’s trivial to do and impossible (in practical terms as things like pictures and sound look like encrypted material) to block.

  12. Preppers, hehe, since time immemorial, ordinary menn and women have always been cacuious when empires collaps, and we are witnesing a slow proscess, but this debth lock wil just grow, its designed that way, by Intress, and we loose.
    I like some belive its going to be a slow ride down the drain, the system is not ready for an imidiate, resett, so the powers that is depending on this, will not give tier world of so easy, so we will continue to kick cans down the road.
    What else can THEY do, the other issue is that WE can do a lott.
    Its been sayed time and time again, and the solutions are infact simple and strait forward, kill the Banks, wack the debth, trow the rst in jail, and return the military Home, and I can asure You that the Pendelum will turn in stunning speed.
    They know this, but You dont fully belive it, sounds To good, commylike, huh.
    We are in an age where even morons are waking up to this simple fact, to blame anything else it just plain f…. bullshitt, and nothing more.
    The Politicians are intresed in ONE think Only, Status Qou.
    Thats their Mantra and line in the sand.
    But I also belive many others are infact reacting right now, but doe to the lack of corage, every one is sitting on the fences, thats more dangerous than actulay impliment guidence and a New Monetary Policy.
    The second fact is that We will prosper under an totaly different regime, and when we prosper, everything grows.
    Not for some.
    Thats it.
    But You missed the real deal, their ultimate controll is recourses and that by Warfare.
    The bigg war will come, its ineveatable, its been planed and exebuted a long time ago, and is so far as I can jugde, going acordangly, exept a minor hickup in Syria.
    Look at them, the Zionists and the Neo(cons), war is all their is, not a word on Peace.
    Sactions and intervetions are the game, oil and food is skyrocketing and all we hear is War.
    Thats what is comming, what happens when the Inflation goes to heavenly hights is mear gessing, but senarios from Histroy dont bear good.
    Wake the f… up.

  13. It isn’t “if”, but when this happens to our dollar.
    One thing is for sure, the new currency & direction of the government will be strictly Kosher, but won’t be tied to China since the Chinese are too smart to allow this perfidious tribe to infest their banking, media or military like the US has so foolishly done.
    The fact that the same group (whose names end with “stein”, berg”, “er” etc) is desperate to disarm us right now is a blatant sign that this story is right on the money.

  14. Look up Cliff High Web Bot. We are going to have a global coastal event in May of 2013 that will bring down the dollar. The powers that be know this and they will let it happen. These people in power are off to their bug out holes to ride out the pain and suffering letting us to fend for ourselves. This global coastal event is happening because our planet is growing, thats why we are having so much earthquakes. The powers that be will go underground to their underground cities with plans to return to power after the SHTF, but never to be heard of again. It will be hard – very hard, but things will get better, we humans are fighters. Prepare!

  15. Great read, and everything is certainly trending that way, but not sure that it would be as soon as 15-18 months
    [or sooner] for that matter.
    An alternate fate far superior to all that, would be a massive revolution, overthrowing all levels of govt & finance and restructure.
    Free energy does exist and is a lot easier than you might realize. [solar/wind/ tidal/geothermal]
    Eliminate the use of all animals raised for food and use all that land & water to grow a nice healthy wide variety of fresh food.
    bottom line in either scenario – you will be vegan (possibly “soylent green” eater [doesn’t vegan sound much better now..? lol])
    So, with food & energy solved, and nobody owning us, we can be free to reboot the world.
    “Zeitgeist Addendum” on youtube gives the details.
    BTW – ICELAND did the right thing in the same situation. Dismissed the govt, jailed the bankers & bailed out the citizens. – Sounds like a plan to me !

  16. This will trigger a second civil/revolutionary war. With somewhere around 1 out of 4 Yanks owning guns, the fancy drones, stealth planes, and smart bombs will have more targets than they can hit, assuming the military even plays along with this plan. The outcome will be messy and uncertain.

  17. Well, that’s one possible scenario. We’ll certainly see aspects of it, once the SHTF.
    The time frame posed is very close to one I’ve been watching, myself. That said, the ‘penny could drop’ at any moment. I don’t think that we have more than three years left, at the outside, and possibly less than six months.

  18. If that is all then I am fine, however, the bible says nuclear war, fire, is the end. My current schedule ends in August, 2014.
    The New World Order, religious, political, financial, cares not whether you live or die. It is Satan’s system.
    We already have martial law globally.
    Activation to force submission is the only current concern. This is as simple as a financial system shut down. Everything stops.
    If the police and military lay low for a week most of their work will be done for them.

  19. “I have spent my life as an Eschatological High Priest”
    Exactly how does one get ordained as a High Priest of a very narrow field of philosophy? Is that an internet certification from Choose Your Own Ministry?

  20. Apart from the doomer porn, I don’t see the US Gov’t., for starters having the resources to execute this much control over anything. Remember: Total military manpower in the US, both active and reserve is less than 1% of the total US Population.
    If anything, it looks like a collapse will resemble that of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. As a matter of fact, it’s already happening: The US Gov’t with its current message, either intentional or unintentional with its poropaganda, is basically saying “watch out! We’ve got DHS, and we know everything you do on the internet, every cellphone conversation, etc. Watch out!”
    They’re scared. they’re desperate. They know they’re collapsing, and when states start to seccede, their response will be just like the Soviet Union to its former Republics: “Yeah, whatever…bye”
    I don’t see another violent American Civil War happening. If anything, it was The South that started the military agression. Before that, Lincoln was begging the southern states to stay in the Union, even offering to let them keep their slaves.

  21. Do you think the “sequestration” is setting us up for a false flag? I keep hearing that the sequestration will cause the US’s defenses to be weakened. It almost seems like foreshadowing. Then you throw in a false flag, government says “told you so,” then comes super defense/martial law..?

  22. I look at this as the time of Noah’s Ark where those who did not believe perish in an avoidable catastrophic event. No harm in preparing yourself and so I will do my best but will not lose my mind over it and will put my faith in God hands.


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