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“And then, this week, we got the big reveal. ‘Anonymous’ was Miles Taylor — a name that is likely literally anonymous to you to begin with.”

“At the time he wrote the original column, Taylor was the deputy chief of staff to the director of Homeland Security — hardly a ‘senior’ Trump administration official. That description by The New York Times was the first major media misstep in all this. If Taylor published the column under his own name and title, it wouldn’t pack nearly the punch it did the way it was shrouded in mystery and secrecy. The only reason the Times would play this game was to deceive its readers, and the entire media world, into thinking the author was someone of far more prominence than Mr. Anonymous, Miles Taylor…. [T]he media spun a tale of a ‘top administration official’ working for Trump going public through The New York Times that turned out to be yet another massive letdown. The American public has seen the extreme lengths to which the press… has gone in abandoning its principles in the service of its perceived existential fight with the guy in the White House.”

FROM 2016, BUT EVEN MORE TRUE TODAY: This Election Has Disgraced the Entire Profession of Journalism.. “This election has exposed as never before that there is indeed a media elite, bound together by class and geography, that is utterly clueless about its own biases and filters.”

PERRY DE HAVILLAND: We are seeing the second coming of new media.


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