THE TRUMP INTERVIEW The Media Hopes You Don’t See

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THE INTERVIEW NOT TO MISS! CNBC’s Joe Kernen interviewed President Trump outside the Oval Office in what could be one of the best sit-downs the president has ever done. You won’t see clips of this interview all over the media because it’s that great. Kernen is fair with President Trump and takes the time to ask questions on things that matter to Americans like the economy.

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One comment that’s pretty shocking: …no other U.S. President ever questioned the huge deficits???

In an interview with CNBC’s Joe Kernen about America’s Trade Deficit with China & other countries, President Trump said he asked President Xi Jinping how these huge deficits were allowed so long. President Xi Jinping said no other U.S. President ever questioned it until Trump.

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Do you get the feeling that this president is the first one in a long time that puts Americans first?

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