The Truth about Covid-19. Massive coverup involving the CDC to hide it throughout 2019

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by Throwingitout20

The reason for the models appearing to be so wrong and the much higher number of people with antibodies than predicted is because the pandemic began much earlier than has been admitted and it wasn’t in China, it was right here in the U.S. last July. There has been a huge cover up involving the CDC and the smoking gun is Vaping illness.

The early cases were all attributed to common diseases such as pnuemonia and flu but as more and more previously healthy, young people were affected they needed a cause before they attracted too much attention so they invented Vaping illness (EVALI).

There are multiple reasons why Vaping illness is the smoking gun:

The CDC and the mainstream media attributed the cause of the new respiratory illness to vaping before they had even figured out a way that vaping could cause it and they all stuck to that story regardless of the fact they were unable to find a way to explain how vaping was the cause and yet if you read articles about that from last year none of them discussed the possibility that it could have been caused by something else. If that is not a huge red flag, I don’t know what is and it doesn’t end there.

Even today, they still have not been able to prove vaping caused the illness attributed to it.

Vaping illness spread across America like a contaigon and it has identical symptoms to Covid-19; Fever, Cough, Chills, Shortness of breath, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Even Doctors cannot tell CT-Scans or X-Rays from the two illnesses apart.

Even though vaping is a global activity, last year the World Health Organisation reported no known cases outside the US.

A study of 86 vaping illness patients from Illinois and Wisconsin could find no common link. 75 used THC, 61 used Nicotine. They used 22 different brands of vaping cartridge between them. Predictably, no wider, similar study was carried out even though by the end of the year there were thousands of available patients. It should have been easy to find a common link unless of course, they already knew there wasn’t one…

So, once it strikes home that two brand new illnesses with identical symptoms do not pop up out of nowhere a few months apart, the only reasonable explanation is there was only one illness and it was Covid-19 the entire time and then all the other apparent anomalies are explained. The reason why New York State has levels of infection orders of magnitude higher than the rest of the country is because New York State was probably the origin or very close to the origin of the initial outbreak last June or July. The reason why much higher levels of antibodies are found in the populations than would be expected is because thousands of people were infected last year and were diagnosed as other things at the time because remember, there was no test back then that would have detected the new virus and CDC and FDA directives prevented doctors from developing their own tests. It explains why the CDC stalled on mass testing here for so long because testing would have revealed the true numbers that would have made it obvious it had been spreading here for many months already and of course it explains the big one, the wierd behaviour of the US Government who did nothing for months while it started spreading in China. They knew there was no point trying to prevent it or contain here it because it had already been spreading here for 6 months by that point!!

There is a very bad downside to all of this because there is only one reason for such a cover up, it is a bio-engineered virus and it did escape from a bio-weapons lab.



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