The TRUTH About The Deep State – It’s NOT What You Thought! (with Dan Dicks)

Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about the real deep state which the media has distracted the masses from.
For many years we at WAM and especially Dan at PFT have spoken about a shadow government pulling the strings behind the curtain. We were called crazy. Well, on comes the 2016 elections and suddenly the term “deep state” becomes incredibly popular. The problem is, the definition in the media usually regards Obama holdovers which is simply untrue.
The deep state is indeed a shadow government that has been telling presidents what to do and say for more than a century, playing out a script and slowly gaining more power and more control over the masses. This gradual frog boil has allowed them to get the public to bend the knee and become severely dependent on the state and banking system.
Dan talks about the realities of the deep state and how it’s being used to control our minds and misdirect us today using Trump as a pawn. He also talks about what would happen to Donald Trump if he went against the deep state entirely.

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But of course we’re supposed to be super anti-Russia and anti-Putin and support the unthinkable with the United States and Russia… Oh wait, we were just told to think that…